Crisis in Cosmology (Part 3)

In the Case of the Einstein Cross, Halton Arp and Phil Crane had written down their findings about the matter bridge connecting the satellite quasars to the parent galaxy. But the final referee had decided, “This matter bridge must be wrong, because it disagrees with the Big Bang Theory.” (Background: Crisis in Cosmology (Part 2), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 22, 2013.)

What sort of “science” was this!? A so-called science which placed the theory above the facts!

And the Case of the Einstein Cross was not the only such instance of closed-minded “science.” In 2004, a paper co-authored by Margaret Burbidge and Halton Arp was presented at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Again, as in the Case of the Einstein Cross, a high redshift quasar had been discovered in the vicinity of a low redshift galaxy. [1] This paper called into question the almighty wisdom of the Mighty Redshift! Maybe redshift was not such a good way of estimating distance. And if the Mighty Redshift crumbled, this foreboded dire consequences for none other than His Holiness Big Bang!

Especially disturbing to the orthodox church of Big Bang was that the high redshift quasar was actually in front of the low redshift galaxy NGC 7319. An observer watching through her telescope on Earth, coincidentally at the center of the Big Bang Universe, would see (based on redshift) the quasar with the higher recessional velocity existing before the galaxy with the lower recessional velocity. But if Big Bang Theory (BBT) were in fact true, the high redshift quasar ought to have escaped further out from the original blast than the low redshift galaxy.

Here was a mighty challenge for the Big Bangers. Their whole Big Bang World might crumble! So how was this challenge to the Almighty Theory handled by the “scientists”?

“Well, you see,” said the Astrophysical Journal, “let us be fair. We will publish the Burbidge/Arp paper on condition that a counter-argument be published as well.”

A “contrived counter-argument that the quasar lay behind the active galaxy” was therefore published with the Burbidge/Arp paper. [1]

An observer watching through her telescope on Earth is coincidentally at the center of the Big Bang Universe. Isn’t that amazing, how the Earth (considering the immensity of the Universe) just happens to be in the vicinity of where “Big Bang” is supposed to have happened about 13.7 billion years ago? This luckily makes it easier for all the redshift observations. Suppose “Big Bang” had not been so Earth-centric. Suppose “Big Bang” had happened at some place way far away. If that had happened, the redshift observations would not so tidily align with the observer watching through her telescope on Earth.

But a “Finger of God” has ordained the Earth-centric perspective for “Big Bang.” The positions of remote galaxies have now been plotted, based on the common interpretation of redshift, and the result is that when each galaxy is reduced to a dot on a “map,” something “miraculous” occurs: The “map” appears to present the “fingers of God” pointing to Earth, as if we are are the center of the universe! [2]

In the time before Nicolaus Copernicus, the astronomers had a theory: The Earth was the center of the Universe. This was their holy theory, just like the Holy Big Bang Theory of today. When better observations began to challenge the idea of the Earth at the center of the Universe, the orthodox astronomers reacted by adding complexities to their theory. And so too lately have the Big Bangers been adding complexities to prop up their pet theory against the facts. For instance, to account for gravitational discrepancies, they merely conjured up “Dark Matter.” Yet there are some astronomers now who “are already declaring the crisis of the present cosmological model…” [1] Might it be that Big Bang Is Dead? Space age discovery has discredited and finally refuted the Big Bang Theory, writes Michael Goodspeed, “yet within the halls of official science, it is presented as ‘fact.'” [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] The Static Universe, by Hilton Ratcliffe. Montreal: Apeiron, 2010.
[2] “The Fingers Of God Point To No Big Bang”, by Michael Goodspeed


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