Crisis in Cosmology (Part 4)

The “fingers of God” have been found by the positions of remote galaxies, based on the common interpretation of redshift, to point to our Earth! Does “Big Bang” prove the medievalists were correct, that the Earth is the center of the Universe? (Background: Crisis in Cosmology (Part 3), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 23, 2013.)

In 1987, “Pancakes of God” were revealed by N. Kaiser. If we assume that high redshift objects in space are nascent, as a cluster forms the “infall motions” of galaxies might make the pancakes arise. [1]

Isn’t it amazing, how the Earth (considering the immensity of the Universe) just happens to be in the vicinity of where “Big Bang” is supposed to have happened about 13.7 billion years ago? This luckily makes it easier for all the redshift observations. [2] There are in fact some scientists who suggest this very thing, that redshift-aligned structure at the large scale (such as “fingers of God”) could mean we on Earth are geographically at the center of the Universe! [1]

But astronomer Halton Arp, a critic of “Big Bang”, says, “The fingers [of God] pointing at us are telling us our assumptions about redshift are foolish.” [1]

The “crisis in cosmology” is that the “gods” are being turned on their heads. We know that the ancient Greeks had a cosmology of Zeus, Apollo, Diana and others. Not so well known is that the Greeks got their cosmology from ancient Egypt. All was well, until the arrival of Akhenaten, a.k.a. Amenhotep IV. Akhenaten overthrew the old cosmology and replaced it with monotheism. The new “god” was heliocentric. To celebrate the new god, a magnificent city, Akhet-Aten, was built. Egypt at the time was the most powerful nation on Earth. To Akhet-Aten came people from all over the world. It was the most cosmopolitan city of its time. [3]

But the crisis in cosmology in Egypt did not end there. The priests (scientists) of Amun plotted against Akhenaten and his rival cosmology. Akhenaten was eventually overthrown. The city of Akhet-Aten (now known as Tell el-Amarna) was abandoned. Built for eternity, the city lasted only 15 years. [3]

The times of Egypt are returned upon us. Rival priesthoods, the “Big Bangers” and the “Infinite Universe” faith, contend. That there is again a crisis in cosmology is underscored by the very name of a yearly astronomical conference, first held in 2005. The first Crisis in Cosmology Conference was held at Monçāo, Portugal on June 23–25, 2005. Dissent about “Big Bang” theory, “the Standard Model”, was in the air. “Big Bang” has a stranglehold on cosmological research and funding, was the complaint. [4]

Several dissident astronomers offered evidence against the rival “Big Bang” Theory (BBT). One subject delved into was Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Around 1965, at Bell Labs in New Jersey, two radio engineers, Arno Penzias and Bob Wilson, kept getting radio interference in the microwave band. The annoying hiss seemed to come from everywhere. To Penzias and Wilson it was an annoyance, but some astronomers realized, “Ah hah! We can use this omnipresent microwave radio noise to support a ‘Big Bang’ theory.”

The BBT believes that about 13.7 billion years ago all the matter in the Universe was compressed. Then, the Creator caused an enormous explosion and everything was scattered by the blast. The blast sent the whole shebang outwards uniformly in all directions. The noise from “Big Bang” is still uniformly present in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation exists uniformly, according to BBT; it is isotropic, smoothly distributed across the sky. [1]

But suppose it were found that the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) was not in fact isotropic, but was anisotropic, meaning lumpiness in the radiation reflected in fluctuating levels of energy. This would cast doubt on CMBR being the “fingerprint of God” (as one “Big Banger” called it), and would undermine BBT itself. [1]

Princeton cosmologist Jim Peebles had grabbed the ball from Penzias and Wilson. He passed off to Dr. George Smoot, who exclaimed, “It is like looking at the fingerprint of God!” However later, at the first Crisis in Cosmology Conference in 2005, Dr. Glenn Starkman of Case Western Reserve University rained on the parade. Bizarre characteristics had been found in data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). This data had serious consequences for “Big Bang.” Distinct anisotropies had been discovered in the microwave background. Furthermore, these anisotropies were aligned with local astrophysical structures, particularly with the ecliptic of the Solar System. The background radiation was not “smooth”, as Big Bang Theory (BBT) demanded. There was also a preferred alignment of the anisotropies with the Virgo supercluster. [4]

The conference chair, Eric Lerner, concurred with Starkman’s evaluation and added his suggestion that the microwave background is nothing more than a radio fog produced by plasma filaments. “The radiation is simply starlight that has been absorbed and re-radiated, and echoes the anisotropies of the world around us.” [4]

——- Sources ——-
[1] The Static Universe, by Hilton Ratcliffe. Montreal: Apeiron, 2010.
[3] Melchizedek Communique, by Brian Redman. 2010. Published by
[4] “The First Crisis in Cosmology Conference”, by Hilton Ratcliffe.


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