NAFTA at 20

NAFTA at 20, a new report by Public Citizen (, has been released as of January 2014. It has now been over 20 years since President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement into law.

A copy of the Public Citizen report should be available at this link:

The report claims that at least 1 million jobs have been lost due to NAFTA. Other harm (besides jobs lost) caused by NAFTA is documented in the Public Citizen report. Nonetheless, President Barack Obama is about to push for a new “free trade” deal: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Lori Wallach of Public Citizen appeared on the “Democracy Now!” ( broadcast of January 3, 2014. She claimed our Dear Leader Obama is about to urge “fast track” status for the TPP. The “fast track” as Ms. Wallach explained it involves special sweeteners given to reluctant congress critters. If, say, Congressperson Pabulum is leaning against Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), then a special plum can be amended into TPP for Pabulum’s district. “Here, Representative Pabulum, we can give you a new hospital for your constituents.” The congress critter is likely then to lean in favor of TPP.

According to the “Democracy Now!” broadcast, this coming week the Dear Leader Obama is going to be pushing for the TPP. We have all been wondering what Washington, DC is about to hatch while we waited out the Christmas lull. “How are they going to screw us next?” we wondered as we stared out the window at the passing traffic. Now we know! Bend over, America, and prepare to be screwed yet again.

Watch the “news” fakers for TPP propaganda. During the run-up to NAFTA 20 years ago, the “news” fakers told us how Mexican consumers had “pent up demand” for U.S. products. Why it was going to be great! The Mexican shoppers would rush to buy made-in-USA products, and our factories would hum! Sadly, we now know this did not happen and instead our factories relocated outside of the U.S.

So look for the “news” fakers, as usual, to be propagandizing in favor of what really benefits multinational corporations instead of what’s good for the American people. No surprise there, since the “news” fakers are wholly owned subsidiaries of the multinational corporations!

The Public Citizen report, NAFTA at 20, for some strange reason carries a strict copyright. This means I cannot liberally quote from it. However I will try to summarize some of its contents:

  • NAFTA has helped cause a huge trade deficit with Mexico and Canada;
  • Over 845,000 U.S. workers have been officially certified as having lost their jobs due to NAFTA;
  • NAFTA has contributed to a leveling off of wages between the U.S. and Mexico. Laid-off factory workers had to find jobs in the “service (slave) sector” and they competed for such “service” (slave) McJobs against Mexican workers;
  • “During the NAFTA debate, scores of U.S. corporations promised to create specific numbers of jobs if NAFTA passed. Public Citizen catalogued these pledges, the failure to meet them and even the record of the same firms’ relocation of jobs to Mexico and Canada in a comprehensive report.”

As for the Mexicans now competing with laid-off U.S. factory workers for McJobs, what NAFTA did was ruin the livelihoods of over 1 million Mexican campesino farmers after the export of subsidized U.S. corn to Mexico flooded the market of our neighbor to the south. The huge influx of corn cut down prices and the local farmers were pushed into bankruptcy. Out of work, they flooded into the United States. If you have been observing the past 20 years, you know this is true: Before NAFTA came in 1994, you did not see nearly so many Mexicans here as you do now.

The average Mexican and the average American have both lost out consequent to NAFTA. And now, this coming week, the Dear Leader Obama, after a relaxing vacation in Hawaii, is on the verge of sticking it to us again with a “Trans-Pacific Partnership.”


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