NAFTA’s Broken Promises

“Not this NAFTA!” cried Ross Perot during the 1992 presidential campaign. Perot, a third-party candidate representing the hopes of the United We Stand America party, had millions of enthusiastic supporters, known as “Perotistas.” The “news” fakers propagandized against Ross Perot by depicting him as a kook. Perot lost both the 1992 election and a subsequent 1996 presidential bid.

Instead of Ross Perot in 1992, we got Bill Clinton. In December 1993 President Clinton signed into law the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. NAFTA took effect on January 1, 1994. Thus it is now 20 years that we have been laboring under NAFTA.

So how has NAFTA done? Has it benefited the U.S. economy as had been promised? A new report by Public Citizen, “NAFTA at 20”, evaluates NAFTA as having had negative results for the U.S. economy. The report should be available at this link:

Included in the Public Citizen report, “NAFTA at 20”, are examples of how corporate promises of job creation via NAFTA have been broken. Do not be fooled by claims that “trade” per se has increased under NAFTA. Yes, the trade has increased but it has been a one-way trade with the United States experiencing a trade deficit with its NAFTA partners.

Here, according to “NAFTA at 20”, are examples of broken corporate promises of job creation in the United States:

CHRYSLER: The Promise: If NAFTA is made into law we will be exporting an extra 25,000 vehicles to Mexico and Canada by 1995. These additional sales will support 4,000 U.S. jobs. The Reality: Since the arrival of NAFTA Chrysler has eliminated over 7,000 jobs. This has been as a result of NAFTA, as certified under TAA, the NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance program of the U.S. Labor Department.

GENERAL ELECTRIC: The Promise: NAFTA will generate a potential $7.5 billion in increased sales. Such sales could mean an extra 10,000 jobs for Americans. The Reality: “General Electric has eliminated 4,936 U.S. jobs since NAFTA due to rising imports from Canada and Mexico or decisions to offshore production to those countries.”

CATERPILLAR: The Promise: NAFTA will remove the incentive to relocate to Mexico. The Reality: “Caterpillar has eliminated 588 U.S. jobs since NAFTA due to rising imports from Canada and Mexico or decisions to offshore production to those countries.”

According to a January 3, 2014 “Democracy Now!” broadcast, some creepy crawling creatures in Washington, DC are soon to be “fast tracking” something called the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” (TPP), like NAFTA another of those blood-sucking “free trade” deals. (Background: NAFTA at 20, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 5, 2014.)

The pro-TPP propaganda blitz has not yet arrived – but look for it. Negotiations for TPP were supposed to have been finished in Singapore in early December, but did not go as scheduled. These Singapore talks have been held largely in secret and have been scarcely publicized. Global health advocates, environmentalists, Internet activists and trade unions however have already become alarmed about TPP. [1]

“Free trade” is Un-American. When the first Federal Congress met at New York in March, 1789, none knew better than its members that the war of the American Revolution chiefly grew out of the efforts of Great Britain to cripple and destroy our Colonial industries to the benefit of the British trader. Under the leadership of James Madison, this Congress hastened to pass “An Act laying a duty on goods, wares and merchandize imported into the United States.” This was, in other words, a protective tariff. The use of protective tariffs is also known as the American System. Besides encouraging American manufacturing, the tariff also obviates any need for an income tax because the tariff generates its own “internal revenue.” [2]

Great Britain was “the enemy” then. The new “Great Britain” is the multinational corporations who have no special loyalty to the people of these United States. These global Frankensteins wage war against America via mainstream “news” propaganda outlets and via their armies of lobbyists constantly hovering over the desks of our elected representatives.

——- Sources ——-
[1] (Source: “Everything you need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership”, by Lydia DePillis. Washington Post WONKBLOG, December 11, 2013.
[2] What Would Millard Do?, by Brian Redman. 2009. Published by


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