Nine Ghosts Haunted FDR

A mystery surrounds the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), in Warm Springs, Georgia, first announced on April 12, 1945. (Background: Strange Death of FDR, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 13, 2014.)

An anonymous pamphlet, published in 1947, speculates in part that FDR may have been driven to suicide, burdened by remorse. (4 meg pdf reproduction of 1947 pamphlet can be downloaded at:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, burdened by remorse, may have committed suicide. FDR thus had been haunted by ghosts (remorse). Here are nine ghosts which haunted FDR:

(Source for what follows is the anonymous pamphlet. The original of this report was first published at my old Conspiracy Nation web site on October 19, 2008.)

Number One: The Tyler Kent Episode

Tyler Kent, a code clerk, worked in the American embassy in London. In Russia, Kent had disguised himself as a peasant and mingled with the people. He learned the “workers’ paradise” was “merely a tyrannical, political regime.” Kicked out of Russia, Kent was followed to England by the Russian secret police.

Back in London, late in 1938 and in 1939, “young Kent began to see messages from President Roosevelt that alarmed him. He began to translate these messages for Winston Churchill and others, only to discover that there was a definite program on the part of Roosevelt to get us into this war.” Winston Churchill, of “the Churchill gang”, is alleged to have said in one cable, “You and I can rule the world.”

Tyler Kent considered the scheming to be treasonous. He copied the cable messages and took them to his apartment. Unknown to Kent, the Russian secret police had him under surveillance. They, it is believed, broke into Kent’s apartment, made their own copies of the secret cables, and forwarded them to Josef Stalin. Stalin may have used the documents as a blackmail bludgeon against FDR. At any rate, FDR got wind of Tyler Kent and the secret messages. The British secret police arrested Kent. He was found guilty during a secret trial and sentenced to a British concentration camp.

As of 1947, Tyler Kent was back in the U.S. “He is watched day and night. His life is not safe. Locked in his mind is one of the big secrets of all time.”

Number Two: The Mystery Of Pearl Harbor

“When the full truth comes out concerning the attack at Pearl Harbor, it will require a full-sized book to cover the subject.” Before the Pearl Harbor attack, anti-war sentiment predominated. FDR “had to have an incident. He had to have what it took to produce hysteria in the United States. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the answer.”

“The Pearl Harbor attack was not a surprise. Roosevelt expected it, Roosevelt desired it, Roosevelt precipitated it.”

Number Three: The Japanese Offer to Surrender Before Okinawa

The Japanese offered to surrender, even before our attack on Okinawa. But FDR refused the offer, saying, “They have not suffered enough.” The subsequent “battle of Okinawa was one of the bloodiest of all time. The boys killed on Okinawa and killed after Okinawa were sacrificed to the vanity of [FDR] who desired to be the head of a world empire and a one-world government.”

Number Four: The Assassination of Huey Long

Senator Huey Long was a rival to FDR. In 1935, a dictaphone recorded the conversation in Room 506 of the DeSoto Hotel in New Orleans. Present that summer were “leading New Deal politicians, Roosevelt henchmen, and the most outstanding enemies of Huey P. Long.” Somehow Long got news of the conversation and on the floor of the U.S. Senate reported what had been said:

PLOTTER 1: “It will only take one gun, one man, one bullet.”

PLOTTER 2: “If we kill Long in Washington I can guarantee that President Roosevelt will pardon the killer.”

Then, on Sept. 8, 1935, Long was shot by Karl Weiss, a young doctor. Weiss was killed on the spot by Long’s bodyguards. Huey Long died two days later. “Every informed individual in Washington knew that Roosevelt desired the death of Huey Long, and it is believed by many who have evidence to support their contentions that he cooperated with those who desired and precipitated the assassination…”

Number Five: The Appeasement of the Comintern

FDR increasingly cooperated with the Comintern (Communist International). FDR “ordered that the Communists be commissioned in the United States Army. He ordered that the files on the activities of the international Communist plotters being kept by the Military and Naval Intelligence be destroyed. His will was carried out.”

Number Six: Lend Lease

Lend Lease gave FDR the authority to donate our wealth to other nations. “Children of our grandchildren will be paying interest on money which we were compelled to borrow in order to fulfill Mr. Roosevelt’s vain ambitions to dominate the world through financial power.” The Lend Lease money was used to buy and control governments of foreign countries.

Number Seven: Bargaining In Human Slaves

Josef Stalin was merciless. “The ends justify the means” seemed to be his motto. When FDR bargained with Stalin, he bargained with a mass murderer who surpassed even Adolph Hitler in dead bodies. Among the agreements of Roosevelt was to turn over to Stalin as many as 10 million German citizens as human slaves. “We know that Roosevelt hated the German people, even the millions of innocent ones who were in no way responsible for the rise and power of Hitler.”

Number Eight: Planned Food Scarcity In The Face of Famine

Henry Wallace, obedient servant of FDR, set about destroying the nation’s food supply. Sugar cane was burned. Millions of gallons of milk were poured on the ground. In just one month, a million cattle were shot and buried. Hogs were ground into fertilizer. The White House had ordered an artificial scarcity. At this same time, millions were starving throughout the world. “Those who knew and understood the tricks of the bureaucratic tyrants in Washington knew that Roosevelt and his henchmen wanted to create an artificial scarcity, then seize control of the food and clothing supply to force a free people to file by some bureaucrat, one at a time, in order to obtain the right to purchase the necessities of life.”

Number Nine: False Anti-War Promises

FDR knew a second World War was coming. The Tyler Kent cablegrams show this. If Roosevelt did not exactly plan the Pearl Harbor incident, nonetheless he was willing to precipitate it. Even so, during his 1940 re-election campaign, FDR promised American mothers and fathers, “Your sons shall not be sent to die on foreign soil — unless attacked.” Alert listeners questioned the “unless attacked” codicil, so FDR altered his promise. The Roosevelt 1940 promise to the American people became unconditional: “Your sons shall not be sent to die on foreign soil.”

Nine Ghosts Killed FDR

Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, like Ebeneezer Scrooge, visited by ghosts in Warm Springs, Georgia? Were they nine specific ghosts which overwhelmed FDR with remorse, provoking him to blow out his brains? Is this why the aftermath was a closed casket affair?

“If ghosts could tempt a man to suicide, if the ghastly reminders of guilt could tempt a man to reach for the fatal weapon or drink the deadly potion, then surely this man Franklin D. Roosevelt had all the temptations necessary to encourage him to retire from the scene in advance even of Nature’s call.”


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