Every Man A King

All The King’s Men (2006) – Trailer

“Every man a king,” said Huey P. Long (1893 – 1935). The Democrat Governor and later Senator from Louisiana wanted to share the wealth by taxing the ultra rich. In Long’s scheme persons earning less than $1 million per year would pay no income tax at all. But those earning more than $1 million per year would be taxed at increasingly higher levels depending on how many millions they earned. And so, of course, Huey Long was assassinated.

Some say such wealth distribution schemes are socialist. But Adam Smith himself, patron saint of modern capitalism, advocated such wealth distribution as Huey Long envisioned. “The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor,” wrote Smith in Wealth of Nations. “It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.” (qtd. in “Overtaxed”, p. 31, The New Yorker magazine, Oct. 27, 2008)

A movie loosely based on the career and murder of Huey Long, “All The King’s Men” (2006), offered its own theory on how someone “pushed the buttons” on Dr. Carl Weiss, inciting him to shoot Long on September 8, 1935. (The trailer for the movie should be embedded at top.) Another theory is that persons aligned with Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) plotted the Long assassination. (Background: Nine Ghosts Haunted FDR, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 15, 2014.)

But on June 6, 1992, “the authorities” did a “case closed” on the Huey Long assassination. Like the previous Warren Commission, “the authorities” proclaimed, “No conspiracy here.”

Various factors in the Huey Long assassination have been gathered. These are “puzzle pieces.” Readers are invited to move the puzzle pieces about and see what picture develops.

In July 1935, two months prior to his death, Long claimed that he had uncovered a plot to assassinate him, which had been discussed in a meeting at New Orleans’s DeSoto Hotel. According to Long, four U.S. representatives, Mayor Walmsley, and former governors Parker and Sanders had been present. Long read what he claimed was a transcript of a recording of this meeting on the floor of the Senate. [1]

PLOTTER 1: “It will only take one gun, one man, one bullet.”

PLOTTER 2: “If we kill Long in Washington I can guarantee that President Roosevelt will pardon the killer.”

The bullet which killed Huey Long was .45 caliber. The gun supposedly used by Dr. Carl Weiss, the claimed shooter, fired .32 caliber bullets. [2]

Former Louisiana state police superintendent Francis Grevemberg reportedly supports the theory that Dr. Weiss was not carrying a gun but had merely punched Huey Long, and that Long’s bodyguards in fact inadvertently killed Long in a mass of gunfire aimed at Weiss. [1]

Reportedly, forensic inquiry was stymied “a little while after the assassination, [when] all the official records of the case and Weiss’ gun disappeared.” The gun and the files were later found in a safe deposit box, rented to one of Huey Long’s bodyguards. The official records were released into police custody and the police later mentioned that nothing in the files was, “worth mentioning.” [2]

According to Richard Wall, writing at lewrockwell.com, “New evidence which emerged in 1991 suggested that Weiss had been unarmed, that a gun had been planted on him to make him look like the lone assassin, that Long was shot by accident rather than design (a bullet fired by one of his bodyguards at the ‘assailant’ apparently ricocheting into Long), and that this latter version of the story had been deliberately covered up.” [3]

But, of course, as already mentioned, in 1992 the authoritative authorities investigated and did a “case closed.”

A book titled, Conspiracy Unveiled: The Huey P. Long Assassination, by Duel Stone, reportedly describes what really happened. An excerpt from a review of the book follows:

Although, for years, the shooting of “the Kingfish” — Louisiana’s populist Sen. Huey P. Long — on September 8, 1935 has been the subject of controversy, Duel Stone’s new book provides a fascinating look at a little-known aspect of the story, one that has never before been told. The author has chosen to mask the real name of his aunt and the family — and those she named as participants in the conspiracy — but we can certainly understand why. The Louisiana in which Jessica Lauren Fields was taken captive and sent into exile by the authorities has not changed much in the six decades that have passed since the plutocratic elite of that state (in alliance with the plutocrats at the national level) dispatched Huey Long into the great hereafter. The irony is that although Huey Long’s critics were quick and loud to proclaim the Kingfish as being a corrupt tyrant, the fate of Jessica Lauren Fields shows precisely who the real corrupt tyrants truly were — and it is not a pleasant truth to be told. Conspiracy Unveiled demonstrates how an innocent bystander — privy to the intrigues of the power elite — can be abused by a legal system run amok when the power of law falls into the hands of those with crime on their minds. [4]

Duel Stone’s Louisiana aunt (or at least the character) received a life sentence, was allowed no visitors and was ineligible for parole. Confined to the infamous St. Elizabeth’s Institution for the Criminally Insane in Washington, D.C., the author’s aunt was effectively silenced. (St. Elizabeth’s was also where the poet and “Federal” Reserve foe Ezra Pound was confined indefinitely for “radio treason.”)

The family of Dr. Carl Weiss, alleged killer of Huey Long, has consistently denied he shot Huey Long. In 1991 members of the family arranged to have their ancestor’s body exhumed. As of 1991 no autopsy had ever been performed on Huey Long or Dr. Weiss. [5]

(A version of the above first appeared at my old Conspiracy Nation web site on October 27, 2008.)

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