Hitler Escaped!

Scene from Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012)

A new book by Jerome R. Corsi, Hunting Hitler, claims that Adolph Hitler did not die circa April 30, 1945 but instead escaped Berlin with the help of the U.S. government. U.S. intelligence agents, including Allen Dulles of the CIA, helped Hitler and gal pal Eva Braun escape to Argentina. There, Corsi claims, the two retired peacefully in a mansion built by German expats hidden by the Bariloche forests. [1]

A documentary made in 2012 by director/producer Noam Shalev and researcher Pablo Weschler, Revealed: Hitler in Argentina, similarly claimed that Hitler’s last days were not spent in his Berlin bunker, but in tranquil luxury in an Argentine hotel. “No one believed the Russians’ story of Hitler’s suicide in the bunker,” stated Weschler. “As early as the summer of 1945, there were headlines asking, ‘Where is Hitler?’ all over the world.” [2]

Shalev’s and Weschler’s film was reportedly inspired by the 1998 book, Hitler’s Escape, by Italian journalist Patrick Burnside. [2]

DNA testing done in 2009 on supposed skull fragments of Hitler showed that they couldn’t have been Hitler’s skull because they were from a woman under 40. [2]

Jerome Corsi also was influenced by the 2009 discovery that skull fragments long pointed to as proof of Hitler’s suicide by the Russian Federation State Archive were found not to be those of the Nazi Fuehrer. [1]

Also in the escaped Hitler category is the book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams (2011). A documentary based on their book was made in 2013. [1]

FBI and CIA records maintained at the National Archives indicate that the US government took seriously reports at the end of World War II that Hitler had escaped to Argentina. [3] In late June of 2011 the FBI released its Hitler files. This information was included in my book, Tales of the Holy Lance, available as a free download (and also if you prefer in paperback from Lulu.com). In Chapter 8, some of the FBI files are examined. Hitler indeed seems to have escaped to Argentina.

From the back cover of my book, Tales of the Holy Lance:

The True Cross intersects with the Holy Lance at the point of Crucifixion. The True Cross was born from three seeds placed in the mouth of Adam when he was buried. A tree grew forth and was made into wood for a pillar in King Solomon’s temple. The pillar rejected by Solomon but whose true value was recognized by the Queen of Sheba finally was used as the cross on which Jesus was crucified. The Holy Lance, the spear which pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, was baptized by the blood of the Savior. This spear gained immense hidden power thereby. Whoever possessed the Holy Lance might rule the world, if they were pure.

Hitler and the Holy Lance were smuggled out of the doomed Third Reich. Yet even as the 6th resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire lay smoldering in the ashes of World War II, even then a prepared blueprint outlined the final incarnation of the European octopus. The new storm troopers would be well-spoken, handsome men equipped with the weapons of the new Euroforce: a three-piece suit and briefcase to match. [4]

Although Germany’s plans had been temporarily halted by the defeat of the Rome-Berlin Axis in 1945, South America was nonetheless targeted already for the next phase. Vatican-engineered “rat lines” funneled Fascists and Nazis out of Europe so they could continue working for the coming European religious-corporate Reich. [4]

In 1978, Queen Maud Land in Antarctica was declared “off limits” to the public under the Antarctic Conservation Pact. Not long thereafter, a secret expedition commanded by Colonel Maximilian Hartmann recovered the Holy Lance from a steel vault in Neuberlin, Antarctica. Now was the time! When the team emerged from far below, Colonel Hartmann raised the spear aloft and exclaimed, “The Holy Lance points ever towards our eternal Deutschland!” [5]

The new European religious-corporate Reich emerged as the European Union. On August 17, 2011 an article in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper concluded, “Where Hitler failed by military means to conquer Europe, modern Germans are succeeding through trade and financial discipline. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.” [6]


Meanwhile, in the East, Tojo is once more on the march. Banzai! In November 2009, President Barack Obama had bowed down to Emperor Akihito of Japan on arriving at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. [7] Their plot was code-named “Pivot to Asia.” But, confided Obama to the Japanese imperial majesty, “We must wait awhile, for I must first prepare some alphabet soup.” (Background: Alphabet Soup to the Rescue, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 17, 2014.)

“Oh, these Americans and their alphabet soup,” inwardly groaned Emperor Akihito, who nonetheless smiled and displayed the inscrutable politeness of the Far East. Now in his second term, Barack Obama works on the sly pushing a so-called “Trans-Pacific Partnership” (TPP). (Background: Media Blackout on Trans-Pacific Partnership, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 8, 2014.)

——- Sources ——-
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