Dubya Bush is "Patient #1"

In the 1984 film, “Secret Honor”, Richard Nixon is portrayed as having purposefully created the Watergate scandal to thwart the evil intentions of persons above him in power. But Nixon could never let the truth of his sacrifice be told. And so there is the idea of Nixon having “secret honor.”

As of 2008 Donald Freed, who wrote the script for the 1984 movie “Secret Honor” (directed by Robert Altman), was reported to be working on a new play: “Patient #1”. It reportedly was to be “set in 2009 at an elite psychiatric clinic in South Florida” and “imagines a heavily sedated President George W. Bush, after he has left the Oval Office.” [1] This play, Patient #1, was being staged at York Theatre Royal in early 2008. [2]

York Theatre Royal has been producing great drama in the beautiful City of York (U.K.) for over 250 years and is one of the country’s leading producing theaters. [3]

Patient #1 is the code name for George W. Bush. It begins with “Doctor” (a psychiatrist) reading from an “eyes only” file dated December 17, 2009:

“Legat 405 Order”, close quotes, from the Department of Homeland Security, quotes, “Remanding”, close quotes, a certain, quotes, “Citizen of the United States of America”, close quotes, to the, quotes, “Custody of the above named…” etc., etc. Concluding that – (he stands, reading) the said, quotes, “citizen”, is, quotes, “Hereinafter referenced in the above named category as, quotes (stops, curses silently, starts again) “Patient Number One.” [4]

The Patient #1 is on a psychotropic regime that includes: Valium, Xanax, Lorizipam, Effexsor, Risperidone, Olanzapine, Amisulpride, Prolixin, Zoloft, Paxzil, Lithium, Zyprexa, Haldol, and Uroxadal. He is like a zombie and rarely says anything. Sometimes though he will say, “P… P… P…” What is Dubya Bush trying to say? At the end of Act I the Doctor surmises it is, “HelP… HelP… HelP.”

Act II begins in early January 2010. The Doctor tells a Secret Service agent, “The time has come for the truth. (Pause) ‘P—P—P—.’ You know what that means? (Pause) He’s calling for help: ‘HelP—HelP—HelP’…And that’s what we’re going to do. You and I, we’re going to help him. Before it’s too late…” [4]

We’re going to help him because he’s been a sleepwalker all his life. Never had a chance. They — the “Family” and the “Friends” — they put those chants and those cheers and that fake Texas accent in his mouth and they hard-wired him to steal the Presidency, steal the country, steal what’s left of the world’s oil, and then this kleptocracy of kin folk programmed him to kill himself on that goddamn bike of his at Camp Victory — except that their perfect puppet started to actually believe the word salad that they had force fed him all those years, and he somehow got it into his tortured — I say “tortured” — reptilian brain that for some inscrutable reason Jesus Christ did not want him to die… [4]

The Doctor tries to persuade the Secret Service agent that they will have to work to defeat the “Family Plot” against the “perfect puppet” Patient #1. “And you’re a brave patriot who’s sworn to help me bring him and this Country back to life — because you believe in the Resurrection and the Life, don’t you, son?”, the Doctor asks the Secret Service agent. [4]

Patient #1 is listless, disheveled, and in a bathrobe. To save him, the Doctor and the Secret Service agent will have to find his boots and his cowboy costume and dress him in that.

Later, now off his medications and dressed in his cowboy outfit, Patient #1 can speak! “Yee—hah! Get yo’ behind in here, Bubba! This here, is ‘DOC’S PLACE.’ I told you I knew where I was goin’, but, no, you don’t believe me, Amigo, you thought your old Companero was lost, you figured I was all hat and no cattle, thought I was plumb loco…” [4]

But the Doctor urges, “Stop talking that ‘good ol’ boy’ horseshit. You’re a child of the Ivy League. Remember who you are. Re-member.” [4]

But Patient #1 has great difficulty “remembering” just exactly who he is. What is the truth? Even Patient #1 has trouble figuring out his real identity.

DOCTOR: Tell the truth! Kneel down — or stand up: I am giving you permission to be. Just tell the truth!

How does it end? I will not give away the ending. Let us hope that one of the independent film makers gets around to making a movie of this extraordinary play.

——- Sources ——-
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