Big Mess at Geneva II


The Geneva II Middle East peace conference has begun. It is being held in Montreux, Switzerland. The aim of the conference is to end the Syrian “civil war” (really a proxy war) by bringing together the Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition to discuss their differences.

The Syrian-Arab News Agency (SANA) reports that hundreds of Syrians have organized a sit-in in front of the media center for covering the Geneva II conference in Montreux. More pro-Syrian activists would have been at the sit-in, reports SANA, except “the Swiss police prevented hundreds of Syrians from several European countries from entering Switzerland and gathering in Montreux city to support Syria…” [1]

Syria’s Deputy Premier, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem opened the conference with a broadside. It was “the moment of truth” at last, “the truth that many have systematically tried to bury in a series of campaigns of misinformation, deception and fabrication,” stated the Syrian Deputy Premier. The foreign enemies of Syria have “blood on their hands.” Walid al-Moallem charged some of the so-called “rebels” with infanticide:

In Syria, Ladies and Gentlemen, the wombs of pregnant women are butchered and their foetuses killed; women are raped, dead or alive, in practices so heinous, so vile and repulsive that they can only be attributed to their [Wahhabis] perverse doctrine. In Syria, Ladies and Gentlemen, men are slaughtered in front of their children in the name of this revolution; worse still, this is done whilst the children of these foreign perpetrators sing and dance. In Syria, how can so-called revolutionaries cannibalize a man’s heart and claim to promote freedom, democracy and a better life? [2]

And where does the U.S. federal government stand on this? Incredibly, the U.S. federal government stands on the side of the rapers of women, of the womb butchers, of the heart eating cannibals!

Just two days ago, counter propaganda was hastily issued alleging “torture and killing” perpetrated by the legitimate government of Dr. Bashar al-Assad. “War crimes lawyers said a vast, smuggled cache of images from a Syrian military police photographer gave clear evidence of systematic abuse and murder of about 11,000 detainees.” [3]

“US media yesterday trumpeted unsubstantiated charges of torture and murder against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by international human rights prosecutors,” reported the World Socialist Web Site ( on January 22, 2014. In the “tense setting” of Geneva II, “elements of the US media and foreign policy establishment are stepping up propaganda to pressure the Syrian regime and, if need be, provide a pretext for US military action against Damascus.” [4]

Specifically, the report upon which the “11,000 detainees” story is based was commissioned by London law firm Carter-Ruck at the behest of Qatar, which funds Al Qaeda-linked opposition militias inside Syria. [4]

London! The British fancy lads have previously been linked by Ersjdamoo’s Blog to other war mongering propaganda. One “Rami the Restaurateur” who manages a snack bar in England likes to call himself the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. “Just two people, Rami the Restaurateur and his secretary, constitute the fancy ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ (SOHR). And yet, in a tale stranger than fiction, the duo has been leading the world around by the nose!” Rami, it was theorized, was really none other than Mr. Moto, International Man of Mystery! Given that Rami is in fact Mr. Moto, “we have a chain of ‘cut outs’ running from armed ‘dissidents’ in Syria, to Mr. Moto, to Rami the Restaurateur, to the ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.'” (Background: Secrets of Rami the Restaurateur, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of February 28, 2012.)

It was way back in January 2012 that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had proclaimed that President Bashar Assad of Syria would be “gone” within 3 months. Yet by late-April of 2012, Assad remained. Eventually it was Ms. Clinton who was “gone” and not Dr. Assad. [5]

And who can forget how, by a seeming coincidence when the U.S. Congress was not in session, President Barack Obama suddenly announced, in late August 2013, a planned massive launch of U.S. missiles against the sovereign nation of Syria? [6]

“Somebody” really wants to eliminate the Syrian nation as it now is. There is talk talk talk of this and that, but then in the dead of night – Pow! Release the hounds!

But who is this “somebody” who has secretly decreed against Syria?

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Sit-in in Montruex to support Syria in confronting terrorism”, SANA, January 22, 2014.
[2] “Geneva2 begins with paticpation of Syria’s offical delegation, headed by al-Moallem”, SANA, January 22, 2014.
[3] “Syrian peace talks begin amid evidence of mass torture”, by Tom Miles and Gabriela Baczynska. Montreux, Switzerland — Reuters, January 21, 2014
[4] “As Geneva talks open, US advances trumped-up torture charges against Syria”, by Alex Lantier.


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