Attack of the Wahhabis

Pro-Morsi Wahhabis Vow to Suicide Bomb Everyone Opposed to Them & to Set Christians on Fire

The aim of the Geneva II Middle East peace conference is to end the Syrian “civil war” (really a proxy war) by bringing together the Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition to discuss their differences. Thus wrote Ersjdamoo in Big Mess at Geneva II, yesterday’s blog entry.

But really what is happening in Syria could be called, “Attack of the Wahhabis.”

For more than two centuries, Wahhabism has been Saudi Arabia’s dominant faith. Osama bin Laden of Saudi Arabia was one of these Wahhabis. “Wahhabism’s explosive growth began in the 1970s when Saudi charities started funding Wahhabi schools (madrassas) and mosques from Islamabad to Culver City, California.” [1]

“The religious curriculum in Saudi Arabia teaches you that people are basically two sides: Salafis [Wahhabis], who are the winners, the chosen ones, who will go to heaven, and the rest. The rest are Muslims and Christians and Jews and others.” [1]

“Others” would include for example Syrians, whose government is Alawites. The Alawites revere “Ali” (Ali ibn Abi Talib), cousin, son-in-law and first male follower of Muhammad.

In 1970, when Air Force General Hafez al-Assad, an Alawite, took power this ended the political instability which had existed heretofore in Syria. Robert D. Kaplan compared Hafez al-Assad’s coming to power to “an untouchable becoming maharajah in India or a Jew becoming tsar in Russia — an unprecedented development shocking to the Sunni majority population which had monopolized power for so many centuries”. [2]

Alawites consider themselves to be Muslims, although some Sunnis dispute that they are. Alawite doctrine incorporates Gnostic, neo-Platonic, Islamic, Christian and other elements. [2]

But the Wahhabis, as mentioned above, disdain all those not of their sect, i.e., Muslims and Christians and Jews and others. So a syncretistic Alawite doctrine incorporating Gnostic, neo-Platonic, Islamic, Christian and other elements would definitely not belong to the “chosen” as far as the Wahhabis are concerned.

And thus we have The Attack of the Wahhabis, also called the Syrian crisis.

Since the federal government in Washington, DC has taken the side of the Wahhabis, it might be worth looking into Wahhabism. Just who is the U.S. government supporting in the name of the American people?

The Wahhabis have names for those others not of their “true faith”: they are called kafirs (deniers of God), mushrak (putting gods next to God), or enervators (backsliders). “And all of these people are supposed to be hated, to be persecuted, even killed.” [1]

Wahhabism is “a faith of hate” charges one Ali al-Ahmed, a Shi’a Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia. [1]

Others are not so kind as Ali al-Ahmed in their criticism of Wahhabism. For example a blog called The Truth about Syria charges that “The Wahhabis developed their own version of ‘Kama Sutra’. Definitely they love the women so much, as sexual objects of course not as life partners, and probably many of you already know that they fabricated ‘Islamic’ laws and twisted the interpretation of Quran, so they get the maximum number of women they can have in one lifetime, not to mention the 70 or 72 nymphs who are waiting for them in their alleged-paradise.” [3]

Syria, for its part, has awakened to the Wahhabist threat. In December 2013, Syrian Parliament speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham sent out a letter to parliaments across the world, warning about the threat of Wahhabi thought spreading in the world. [4]

The Syrian official wrote that spread of Wahhabi thought is like a “tumor” that is sponsored mostly by Saudi Arabia. [4]

This metastasizing tumor of Wahhabism incorporates “takfirism.” A Takfiri is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy. The accusation itself is called takfir (not to be confused with fatwa and jihad). The word takfir is derived from the word kafir [5], and as we have seen above, the Wahhabis use kafir as one of their terms for others not belonging to the Wahhabi “chosen people.”

Truly, as Ali al-Ahmed has said, Wahhabism is “a faith of hate.”

Yet these Wahhabis are allied with the U.S. policy against the current Syrian Alawite government. What, does the U.S. State Department think Dr. Bashar al-Assad is a “kafir”!?

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