John McCain and the Holy Lance

McCain in Ukraine: Top US lawmakers attend huge pro-EU demonstration in Ukraine

“But when they came to Jesus, they saw that he was dead already, so they didn’t break his legs. One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water flowed out.” (John 19: 33-34)

Gaius Cassius was, like John McCain, an old soldier. Gaius Cassius was the official Roman representative for the Pro-Consul, Pontius Pilate. The old soldier had cataracts in both eyes and so was assigned to light duty: his job was to spy on one Joshua Ben Joseph, to see if he might be undermining Roman authority. (Only later was he called Jesus by the Greeks, Jesus being the Greek form of Joshua.) [1] [2]

Gestas and Dismas were hung on crosses on either side of Jesus. After awhile, to be certain they were dead, agents of the High Priests clubbed and crushed their skulls. But because Gaius Cassius had developed a grudging respect for Jesus, the old soldier decided to spare the alleged prophet such indignity. Gaius Cassius therefore thrust a spear into the right side of Jesus, between the fourth and fifth ribs. Out flowed blood and water. Some of it may have splashed the eyes of Gaius Cassius. At any rate, at that moment, the cataracts of the old soldier were healed and his eyesight was restored. [1]

And thus was born the Holy Lance.

Over the centuries many famous persons such as the Emperor Constantine, Charlemagne, and Frederick Barbarossa, the greatest of the Hohenstaufen kings, held the sacred spear. Later, Nazi Fuehrer Adolph Hitler also took possession of the Holy Lance. Hitler must have admired Frederick Barbarossa, a previous holder of the sacred spear, because he named his “eagle’s nest” in Berchtesgaden “Barbarossa.” [1]

“Operation Barbarossa” was also the code-name chosen by Hitler for his 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union, which included what is now Ukraine.

In late April 1945, Hitler and the Holy Lance were smuggled out of the collapsing Third Reich. Oberführer Josef Spacil, Heinrich Himmler’s paymaster, told First Lieutenant Walter Horn that Hitler had not committed suicide, as was believed. Instead, in disguise, Adolph Hitler was smuggled out of Berlin in a small plane, piloted by Luftwaffe general Robert Ritter von Greim and test pilot Hanna Reitsch. (Background: General Patton, the Holy Lance, and Kiev, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 26, 2014.)

In late June of 2011, the FBI finally declassified their Adolph Hitler files, “which entertain the idea that Hitler survived World War II and went into hiding.” [3]

Portions of these declassified FBI files are reproduced in my book, Tales of the Holy Lance (published by Therein we find reports that, for example, Adolph Hitler and his group landed from two submarines in Argentina about two-and-a-half weeks after the fall of Berlin. “By pre-arranged plan with six top Argentine officials, pack horses were waiting for the group and by daylight all supplies were loaded on the horses and an all-day trip inland toward the foothills of the southern Andes was started.”

It seems the Holy Lance did not disembark with Hitler in Argentina, but remained onboard one of the submarines. Dr. Howard A. Buechner, M.D., professor of medicine at Tulane and then Louisiana State University, wrote two books on the spear. Buechner was a retired colonel with the U.S. Army who served in World War II and had written a book about the Dachau massacre. He claims he was contacted by a former U-boat submariner, the pseudonymous “Capt. Wilhelm Bernhart”, who claimed the spear currently on display in Vienna is a fake. “Bernhart” said the real spear was sent by Hitler to Antarctica along with other Nazi treasures, under the command of Col. Maximilian Hartmann. In 1979 Hartmann allegedly recovered the treasures. Bernhart presented Buechner with the log from this expedition as well as pictures of the objects recovered, claiming that after the Spear of Destiny was recovered, it was hidden somewhere in Europe by a Nazi secret society. After contacting most of the members of the alleged expedition and others involved, including Hitler Youth Leader Artur Axmann, Buechner became convinced the claims were true. [4]

Buechner’s two books on the Holy Lance (now regrettably out-of-print) are given by the Wikipedia entry [4] as…

  • Buechner, Howard A; Bernhart, Wilhelm (1988). Adolf Hitler And The Secrets Of The Holy Lance. Thunderbird Press.
  • Buechner, Howard A; Bernhart, Wilhelm (1989). Hitler’s Ashes – Seeds Of A New Reich. Thunderbird Press.

In 1979 Col. Maximilian Hartmann’s secret expedition to Antarctica recovered the sacred spear in preparation for a planned Fourth Reich. The new European religious-corporate Reich emerged as the “European Union.” [5]

Ukraine far-right Svoboda party anti-Semitism

Around December 2013 a new “Operation Barbarossa” was begun, at first directed only at Ukraine. Unleashed against Ukraine were the “driving force” of far right extremist neo-Nazi politics. The “Svoboda Party”, which had won only around 10% of the votes in the October, 2012 election, nonetheless claimed to represent “the people.” [6]

The core positions of the Svoboda Party have been broadly described as Anti-Semitic by political opponents, Jewish organizations, various Israeli politicians and journalists. In May 2013 the World Jewish Congress listed the party as “neo-Nazi” and called for European governments to ban them. [7]

Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok is one of the faces of the Ukrainian “protests”, appearing regularly along with opposition leader and former boxer Vitali Klitschko. So why was U.S. Senator John McCain being so friendly in Kiev, Ukraine with neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok? “In the past, McCain has sometimes revealed a simplistic, Cold War viewpoint of Russia. You have to wonder if, by going to Ukraine and standing on stage with a man accused of being an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi, he may have shown that trait again.” [8]

But maybe John McCain has cataract or other vision problems, and remembers how the eyesight of Gaius Cassius had been healed via the Holy Lance. Could it be that during top-secret intelligence briefings Senator McCain learned that the sacred spear had been brought back to Europe, and he merely wanted to get near it to help his vision problems?

——- Sources ——-
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[8] “John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Accused Of Being An Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi”, by Adam Taylor. Business Insider, December 16, 2013.


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