Sevenfold Vengeance of John McCain

Kwai Chang Caine dispatches the Royal Nephew after Master Po’s demise

His name was Caine and he wandered the American West. In China, Caine’s beloved Master Po had been murdered by the emperor’s nephew. Enraged, Caine had taken vengeance by killing the nephew. Like the Biblical Cain, Kwai Chang Caine became a wanderer. (“… a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.” – Genesis 4: 12)

Cain feared for his safety. But the Almighty “set a mark upon Cain” to protect him (Genesis 4: 15). And so too did a different Cain, Kwai Chang Caine, have special marks (tattoos) on his inner forearms.

In his wanderings, Kwai Chang Caine searched for his half-brother Danny Caine. Here again we see a Biblical motif: Cain killed his younger brother Abel; Kwai Chang Caine seeks his half-brother to atone for killing the Chinese emperor’s nephew.

It has been learned that Danny Caine had a son, named John. Since he was the son of Caine, he was called “McCain”. Like his uncle Kwai Chang Caine, John McCain has wandered far. (Background: Kung-Fu McCain in Kiev, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 29, 2014.)

John McCain, in the family tradition, learned the martial arts. In October 1967, while on a bombing mission over Hanoi, his ground-attack aircraft was shot down. Seriously injured, McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese. He was a prisoner of war until 1973. [1]

While a POW, John McCain was brutally tortured. But John McCain blamed not his oriental captors for his ordeal, but the Russians who supplied them with weapons. In those dark days of imprisonment, McCain frequently recalled these words from the Bible: “And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” (Genesis 4: 15)

Imagine the horror of suffering this man endured! Imagine John McCain able only to cling to these words: “Whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold”! John McCain himself has admitted, “I had learned what we all learned over there: Every man has his breaking point. I had reached mine.” [1] In those POW years of agony, clinging only to hatred of the Russians and a “sevenfold vengeance” Biblical verse, something snapped deep down in the mind of John McCain. He had become a walking vengeance against Russia!

After his release in 1973, with the martial patience of his uncle Kwai Chang Caine, John McCain bided his time. But buried always deep down in his psyche was his life’s new overmastering purpose: Vengeance against Russia!

This American hero John McCain was rightfully thanked by his nation. He was elected to Congress in 1982, then to the U.S. Senate in 1986. But the scars of war run deep in John McCain – these scars are his own “Mark of Cain” – and always beating like a heartbeat in his soul was his new primary mission: Sevenfold vengeance against Russia!

We can see John McCain’s central theme of vengeance against Russia influencing his assertions that the Afghanistan War is winnable. The Russians had earlier lost their invasive attempt there. The Americans could damage Russia’s reputation if they did better.

Syria has had close ties with Russia. And what do we find? Regarding the Syrian mess, McCain repeatedly argued for the U.S. intervening militarily in the conflict on the side of the anti-government forces.  He staged a visit to rebel forces inside Syria in May 2013, the first senator to do so, and called for arming the Free Syrian Army with heavy weapons and for the establishment of a no-fly zone over the country. [1] If the government of Russia’s friend Bashar Assad is toppled, then Russia will lose face. “So much the better,” mused McCain. “My vengeance is sevenfold.”

Now the sevenfold vengeance of John McCain has focused upon Ukraine. Opposition protests there aim at unseating the Russian-aligned government and have been orchestrated by the US and Germany. Of no apparent concern to Germany and the United States is the leading role played by fascist organizations within the opposition. These groups are the direct descendants of the anticommunist proxy forces that worked with the Nazis during the occupation of Ukraine in the Second World War and helped carry out the genocide of the Jews in the country. Not surprising in the context of John McCain’s paramount obsession of vengeance against Russia is that the senator from Arizona publicly met with the notorious anti-Semite and leader of the Svoboda Party, Oleg Tyagnibok. [2] All other concerns must yield to John McCain’s overriding obsession: Vengeance against Russia!

Can the consuming vengeance of John McCain ever be healed? Let us recall these wise words of Master Po, in whose cause Kwai Chang Caine had become a wanderer:

“Master”, said the young Kwai Chang Caine years before he had to flee the “Garden of Eden” (Shaolin monastery), “I do not understand all that happened.”

“No one knows all,” advised Master Kan. “We were challenged by a festering anger. The challenge was accepted. And in the end, the seeds of hatred destroyed themselves. As they always do. As they always will.”

Master Po added, “Battles are waged on the earth and in the heavens. Within the mind and within the soul.” [3]


——- Sources ——-
[2] “‘Geneva II’ and the US regime-change drive in Syria”, by Patrick O’Connor. World Socialist Web Site, January 23, 2014


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