Bat Adventures In Ukraine and Elsewhere

Tsar Alexander II of Russia notified President Abraham Lincoln that he was prepared to align Russia with the Union. England and France had been scheming against Russia, trying to break up her territory. Among the regions targeted were Crimea and Georgia. [1]

But the Russian Tsar made a little chess move of his own. England and France had, via agents provocateur, fomented a “divide and conquer” plot in the United States. With North and South bitterly at war, England and France could defy the Monroe Doctrine and grab territory in the Americas. France did just that when she invaded Mexico while Lincoln was distracted by the Civil War. It was around this time, however, that Tsar Alexander II, in September 1863, sent his Baltic fleet to Alexandria, Virginia and his Asiatic fleet to San Francisco. This move by the Russian Tsar stymied British and French interference and helped preserve the Union. Britain and France did not want to risk an open war with Russia and so reduced their meddling in the United States. [1]

So, thanks in part to Russia’s timely intervention, the Union was preserved. Some die-hard rebels might think that’s a bad thing, but if the Union had split apart then European imperialists would have faced little resistance to their designs upon the Americas.

The Union was saved but almost immediately Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. It was Thaddeus Stevens, leader of the “Radical” faction of the Republican Party, who had “warmed into life the brutal instincts of [Edwin] Stanton, [Joseph] Holt and [Lafayette] Baker, to have Lincoln assassinated.” In the “divide and conquer” world, Thaddeus Stevens had been aligned with the British-backed abolitionist provocateurs. The British put one of their snickering signatures on the Lincoln assassination, calling it “Our American Cousin.” (That’s what the Brits call us: the “cousins”.) (Further background: Addenda To Lincoln’s Assassination, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 24, 2012.)

Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, lionized by the West, wrote a defense of Russian czarist rule. [2] In Solzhenitsyn’s novel, The First Circle, he wonders why the world has forgot the February 1917 revolution and instead remembers instead the October 1917 revolution. Consequent to the February 1917 revolution in Russia, Alexander Kerensky, belonging to a moderate socialist party, called Trudoviks, became Prime Minister. [3]

But outside meddlers did not want Kerensky and the Trudoviks in charge, so they sent in Leon Trotsky to co-opt the February revolution. Trotsky was the agent of Jacob Schiff, head of the Kuhn, Loeb investment firm. Trotsky was generously funded to organize a Bolshevik takeover in Russia. [1]

This boggles the mind, that persons in the West actually favored a Bolshevik takeover of the more moderate Kerensky government. Yet this is well documented in Antony Sutton’s classic, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists.

Fast forward to early 2012 and what do we find? We find that the United States again favored a Communist, Gennady Zyuganov, over Vladimir Putin in Russia’s presidential election. (Background: God Bless Vladimir Putin!, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of March 6, 2012.)

But Gennady Zyuganov lost and Vladimir Putin remains President of Russia. This has upset some people, yet they were already upset about Putin before 2012. For example Rush Limbaugh noticed the suspicion of how Putin does not like barbecue. When “Dubya” Bush performed as U.S. President, Putin had visited the “Dubya” ranch in Texas. There, keen eyes noticed Putin didn’t like barbecue. Said Rush Limbaugh, evaluating this tell-tale sign, “Now, folks, if you don’t like barbecue, you’re not one of us.” [4]

Around the time of Limbaugh’s keen barbecue assessment, the movie “Batman: Dark Knight” was big stuff. Senator John McCain, who became imbalanced with a hatred for Russia due to his POW sufferings, said that BDK was “his favorite movie.” [5] Dick Cheney was Alfred the Butler but who was the “Dark Knight”? Might not the Dark Knight have been John McCain, batlifted into Kiev in December 2013? If so, then “Robin” would have to be Victoria Nuland who acted as McCain’s sidekick during the bat-adventure.

——- Sources ——-
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