Clash of Ideologies in Europe

Alexander Nevsky – “The Battle of the Ice”

What on earth is going on!? A flood of lies surrounds recent events in Ukraine. Turkish officials have been caught planning an attack on their own forces to manufacture a pretext to attack Syria. [1] RT reporter Gayane Chichakyan has been so flustered these past three weeks she hasn’t bothered to go jogging. She tweets, “A major unplug is required. I haven’t jogged for 3 weeks – unheard of for me. Resolution #1: run. Every day. No excuses.” [2]

Gayane Chichakyan is the serious-looking one on the Russia Today (RT) video streaming broadcasts. It was on March 22, 2014 that she tweeted about not having gone jogging. Also that day she tweeted, “It’s so beautiful outside and I can’t get my nose off the screen.. reading news, analysis, speculations. Can’t stop.” [2]

And who can blame Ms. Chichakyan for having been so preoccupied during the first three-or-so weeks in March? Ditto for Ersjdamoo. This morning I turned to the local newspaper, nicknamed “The Squatting Toad”, hoping for keen analysis. Instead the front page was filled with a report about the 50-year anniversary of the “Jeopardy” TV game show! [3]

Here is a guess at the “big picture”. Acknowledgement to The Empire of “The City”, by E.C. Knuth (Torrance, CA: Noontide Press, 1983), for what follows.

The Monroe Doctrine of the United States, which pronounced non-interference in the affairs of Europe among other things, was secretly abandoned in 1897. A pretension of Pan-Americanism was nonetheless maintained to hide the true situation from the American public. This pretension lasted until 1945. The new U.S. foreign affairs doctrine is based upon a secret ideology of international finance. Father of this new doctrine was Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman, mining magnate, and politician. Great Britain would gradually dominate the world. When that happened, wars would cease, envisioned Rhodes. Intertwined with Rhodes was the Rothschild banking empire. In the United States, the Rockefeller-Morgan banking empire entered into a secret partnership with the British Rothschilds in 1897. That partnership – the real “special relationship” – meant that Britain exerted control over U.S. foreign policy thereafter. The American branch of this secret partnership has come to be represented by the Council on Foreign Relations. This briefly summarizes the Ideology #1.

Ideology #1, however, conflicts with Ideology #2: the ideology of Russia. The ideology of Russia was originally conceived in the Will of Peter the Great (1672 – 1725):

“The All-Powerful, from whom we hold our life and our throne, after having revealed unto us his wishes and intentions, and after being our support, permits us to look upon Russia as called upon to establish her rule over all Europe.”

Stipulation number 8 in the Will of Peter the Great is noteworthy in regard to the Ukraine situation: “Constantly extend yourselves along the shores of the Baltic and the borders of the Euxine [Black Sea].” [4]

You would think that any idiot could have foreseen that Russia would never give up her naval base at Svastopol, Crimea (on the Black Sea), no matter what the so-called “international community” had to say. And maybe in fact this was foreseen by the Ideology #1 people. I find it interesting that Britain, home of Ideology #1, in 2011 released a film adaptation of the Spear Shaker tragedy, Coriolanus. [5] On March 4, 2014, during upheavals so tremendous in Ukraine that Gayane Chichakyan fell off her jogging schedule, Ersjdamoo’s Blog had already perceived startling parallels between the 2011 Coriolanus movie and unfolding events in Ukraine. “Watching the movie version of Coriolanus last night, Ersjdamoo was struck by the feeling it was ‘Latest News From Ukraine’ and not a Spear Shaker play,” I wrote on March 4th. (Further background: Esoteric Shakespeare (Part 14), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of March 4, 2014.)

So offered as a “big picture” explanation of what is behind tensions in Ukraine and Syria is that Ideology #1 seeks to gradually encircle Russia in order to advance its international finance method of conquering the world, and to slowly eviscerate the guts of Russia’s Ideology #2.

Some may scoff that the above is just an amateur analysis. But hey, it’s better than hiding behind “50th Anniversary of Jeopardy” as your front page story!

——- Notes ——-
[1] “Turkish officials plan false-flag attacks to create pretext for war with Syria”, by Alex Lantier. World Socialist Web Site, March 29, 2014.
[3] Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, March 29, 2014. Front page
[4] “The Will of Peter the Great”,


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