Inside Putin’s Russia

Moscow protests mark anniversary of violent anti-Putin rally

Maria Baronova is featured in the short video clip which is (hopefully) embedded above. She is also featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, in an article by Janet Reitman, “Putin Clamps Down.” [1]

Maria Baronova had been a vocal opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. She is now under a sort of “house arrest” in Moscow, meaning she cannot leave that city. But the surprise is that Baronova’s sympathies seem to have done a complete 180: she now is happy that Crimea is again part of Russia. Disillusioned with anti-Putin activists in Russia, Baranova has now embraced the regime!

Reitman’s article is recommended for its remarkable understanding of the current situation in Russia, although she obviously sympathizes with the “Pussy Riot” group. On February 21, 2012, the “P.R.” (Pussy Riot) burst into a Moscow cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church and performed alleged music such as a song titled, “Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Expel Putin!” For this, members of the “grrrl group” were sentenced to two years in prison. I am suspicious of this “Pussy Riot” group due to how the West is known to fund and promote certain “dissidents.” For example Gloria Steinem, another of these sort of “grrrls”, reportedly worked for the CIA and “became a media darling due to her CIA connections.” [2]

In yesterday’s blog entry, Ersjdamoo concluded that Vladimir Putin is not Boris Yeltsin, the comical dancing bear who was Russian president prior to Putin. This is confirmed by the Reitman article (op. cit.) which refers to Putin as “the anti-Yeltsin.” Many Russians are also turning against Mikhail Gorbachev, including Baronova, who says, “Do you know who is the worst person in all of Russian history? Mikhail Gorbachev. He lost our country.” [1]

What was Gorbachev doing when he helped dissolve the Soviet Union in 1991? We conspiracy theorists used to surmise it was all a trick: that Gorbachev was really putting us to sleep so he could suddenly launch an all-out Communist attack. But a new angle is that Gorbachev was really working for the New World Order gang, which could not achieve world domination until the Soviet Union had been dismantled.

Reitman (op. cit.) treats Russian fears of a Western plot against Russia as if they are paranoia. But even paranoids have enemies. Reportedly, during the Sochi Winter Olympics, Russian media broadcast a two-part investigative report: “Anatomy of a Protest or The Biochemistry of Treason.” This two-part report “accused the U.S. of secretly plotting to overthrow the Russian Federation.” [1]

In Periodic Pan-Slavism, the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of April 20, 2014, the messianic idea of Russia as proselytizer to the suffering peoples of the world was broached. Reitman (op. cit.) quotes from a book by Anna Arutunyan, The Putin Mystique: “The tsars adhered to a messianic idea of Russia as the chosen people, and in many ways communism was a continuation of that idea. When Putin came back for his third term, he realized he had to find something unifying. He couldn’t tap into communism, but he tapped into that pre-revolutionary idea of orthodoxy and autocracy.”

Or, as Ersjdamoo’s Blog put it, on March 27, 2012: “Vladimir Putin, Tsar of all the Russias.” [3]

If the messianic idea (a.k.a. Pan-Slavism) lives again in Russia, so too does it live in the Anglo-American Establishment. They preach the New World Order, a different version of Millenarianism – the belief by a religious, social, or political group or movement in a coming major transformation of society, after which all things will be changed. But two messiahs cannot exist in the same time and space. If you don’t believe this, see the movie “The Ruling Class”, a dark comedy released in 1972. A paranoid schizophrenic British nobleman (played by Peter O’Toole) believes he is Jesus Christ. The patient is at last “cured” when the psychiatrist introduces him to a patient who also believes himself to be God. The two “Gods” cannot exist in the same time and space and the first one is “cured.” (He becomes Jack the Ripper instead and manages to fit in quite well with the British upper crust.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Putin Clamps Down”, by Janet Reitman. Rolling Stone, May 8, 2014
[2] “Gloria Steinem – How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society”, by Henry Makow, Ph.D. March 19, 2002.
[3] “‘Pussy Riot’ Battles Putin”,


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