Mystery of the Crimean Medal

On May 7, 1915 the Lusitania was sunk. The Lusitania was a British merchant vessel constructed with government funds as an auxiliary cruiser. It had bases laid for mounting six-inch caliber deck guns. It had orders to attack German submarines whenever possible. Struck by a German torpedo, the Lusitania, which had been declared “unsinkable”, went down in 18 minutes. [1]

Of course there was a huge uproar about the sinking of the Lusitania. It was also an occasion for propaganda. The “British manufactured and distributed a medal which they pretended had been awarded to the submarine crew by the German government…” [1]

This British deception – making a fake German medal – is worth remembering in light of current news about a Russian “Crimean Medal of Honor” said to bear the inscription: “For the return of Crimea 20.02.14 – 03.18.14.” This is the European style dating, meaning “For the return of Crimea – February 20, 2014 – March 18, 2014.” How could Crimea have been returned starting on February 20th? Viktor Yanukovych, elected president of Ukraine, did not flee Kiev until February 21st. The Crimean backlash against the coup d’etat in Kiev gradually escalated thereafter. And yet the “Crimean Medal of Honor” has the whole Crimean uprising beginning on February 20th! [2]

The Russians may have an answer for this mystery of the Crimean medal. However I have yet to see their explanation. The Daily Beast reports the Russians have been saying the medal’s dates were just an “oversight” by them, an innocent mistake. But the theory of Daily Beast is that February 20th commemorates the use of Russian snipers in Kiev. [2]

Who were the snipers in Kiev on February 20, 2014? The new coup d’etat government in Kiev has “investigated” and arrested “12 members of the now dissolved special Berkut unit and presented them as the main suspects in the shootings.” [3]

The “Berkut” was a special police unit of the Ukrainian militia, part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. [4] If Berkut were the snipers, they operated under whose authority?

A German public television program, “Monitor”, reportedly raised doubts about the “Berkut did it” version of what happened in a broadcast circa April 10, 2014. Both sides in Kiev – the pro-Yanukovych and anti-Yanukovych protesters – were shot at. Yet the injured all had the same type of bullet wounds. The bullet types were identical, indicating the snipers were shooting indiscriminately. [5]

Source for unearthing the “Crimean Medal of Honor” reverse side dates is reportedly one Volodimir Prosin, a historian and journalist from the Luhansk region of Ukraine. Reports Radio Free Europe, “We do not normally report on Internet rumors and we cannot confirm the photos, but the circumstances surrounding the medals drew our interest.” One Rustem Adagamov, “a well-known Russian blogger”, found pictures of a March 25th medal ceremony in Crimea, along with the frontside of the awards, which were posted to the Russian Defense Ministry website, but then taken down on the same day. [6] (It is the other side which purportedly contains the intriguing Feb. 20 – March 18 dates.)

Radio Free Europe, according to their own web site, was “initially” funded by “the U.S. Congress through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).” Allegedly, in 1971, “all CIA involvement ended…” [7]

So there you have it – or in fact don’t have it. On February 20, 2014 unknown persons ordered unknown snipers to shoot at both sides during fierce protests in Kiev. Former CIA asset Radio Free Europe credits Volodimir Prosin, who we know nothing much about, with discovering intriguing dates on the reverse side of a Russian medal which had been noticed by “a well-known Russian blogger”. Russia may or may not have confirmed that any such “Crimean Medal of Honor” exists or did exist. And the British manufactured and distributed a medal which they pretended had been awarded to the German submarine crew which sank the Lusitania.

——- Sources ——-
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