Secret Diplomacy of Angela Merkel

Among President Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” was one for an end to “secret diplomacy.” “Colonel” Edward Mandell House, a Wilson administration insider, interpreted this first of the Fourteen Points to mean there could still be confidential diplomatic negotiations involving delicate matters. But nothing which occurred in the course of such confidential negotiations would be binding unless it appeared in the final covenant made public to the world. [1]

Wilson’s first point states, “Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private understandings of any kind but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view.” [2]

Tomorrow, May 2, 2014, President Barack Obama will give four hours of his time at the White House to German leader Angela Merkel. “Her leadership style shows a new way for ‘rising powers’ to operate in a multipolar world,” reports the Christian Science Monitor. [3]

There it is again, that term “multipolar world.” It has been a month now since the massively demonized Dr. Bashar al-Assad used that “multipolar world” term. (Add it to your vocabulary and you’ll impress people at cocktail parties and the like.) “Multi-polar world” is the opposite of “New World Order.” There seems to be a worldwide shift underway from the old “New World Order” to the new “Multi-polar world.” (Further background: Emergence of Multipolar World, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of April 8, 2014.)

“Multipolar World” is a new version of “Cold War” and is not necessarily a bad thing. You will note that “Cold War” basically stayed cold (unless you want to count the Vietnam War as a proxy battle by the USSR.) Having an “enemy” (the BRICs nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China) would increase global economic and other competition. And competition is what makes business and governments sharpen their skills and improve their product. With “Multipolar World” we will no longer need the “terrorists” as global bogeyman, so they can fade away since they were only needed during the heretofore “New World Order” phase.

Cultural exchange would still continue, just as it did during “Cold War.” So we could still tune in via video streaming to the alternative perspective of the Russia Today network, for example. John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, recently blasted the Russia Today network. Russia Today did not “get it” however. They rushed to defend themselves but did not understand that Kerry was actually helping them. Remember this, Russia Today: There is no such thing as bad publicity! (How I wish that John Kerry would blast my book, What Would Millard Do!)

John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and Barack Obama are the relative doves on the Ukrainian crisis. Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz are some of the hawks. An article in Rolling Stone magazine suggested a fierce struggle between hawks and doves has been underway in Washington for at least a year. [4] Dove Kerry and Hawk McCain erupted in a memorable Teddy Roosevelt Maxims exchange on April 8, 2014:

McCain: My hero Teddy Roosevelt used to say talk softly and carry a big stick. What you’re doing is talking strongly and carrying a very small stick. In fact, a twig.

Kerry: Your friend Teddy Roosevelt also said the credit belongs to the people who are in the arena trying to get things done. And we’re trying to get something done. That’s a Teddy Roosevelt maxim, and I abide by it. [5]

Where does Angela Merkel fit in the hawks vs. doves paradigm? My guess is she is dovish. Europe does not want a major war in its own back yard. Merkel and Obama will talk for four hours. It will be secret diplomacy since the public will not be told the significant facts. Our “news” will be about smiles and handshakes and maybe some vague statement. But wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall and hear exactly what Obama and Merkel actually have to say behind closed doors? Later, though, major happenings might occur, as happened after DCIA John Brennan secretly visited Kiev.

——- Sources ——-
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