Outrage In Mariupol

Kiev, Washington claim ‘terrorists’ killed in Mariupol, footage shows civilians

Add the name “Mariupol” to the list of outrages committed by the coup d’état so-called government in Kiev. “The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has condemned the actions of Ukrainian military in using force against pro-federalization activists and civilians in the city of Mariupol,” reports Russia Today. [1] That is a bit nuanced. The OSCE actually has generally condemned the violence of May 9, 2014 in Mariupol. [2] Voice of Russia is more neutral than Russia Today. Voice of Russia reports, “The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has strongly condemned Friday’s deadly violence in the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol…” [3]

Psaki blames ‘separatists’ for Mariupol violence. 9 May 2014

“We condemn the outbreak of violence caused by pro-Russia separatists this morning in Mariupol which has resulted in multiple deaths,” stated Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department. That statement is transcribed from a video of Psaki, hopefully embedded above. Again, we have a nuanced statement, this time from the State Department spokesperson. Sure, you could say the pro-Russia separatists caused the violence. After all, if not for them, Kiev wouldn’t have sent in heavy armored vehicles and tanks!

But the Mariupol incident of May 9, 2014 was an outrage at least because Kiev decided to crack down on the specific day in which a major Russian holiday, Victory Day, is celebrated. Victory Day (May 9th) marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War. Why, of all days, did Kiev’s Mariupol crackdown have to be on May 9th? This would be like a British attack on the Fourth of July! You have the Kiev “government” honeycombed with neo-Nazi elements staging an attack on pro-Russians on the day they celebrate defeat of the Nazis.

I feel like Jose Sanjenis Perdomo saying to Mark David Chapman, “What have you done!? What have you done!?” after Chapman fatally shot John Lennon. To the U.S. State Department which first stirred up the Kiev unrest several months back: “What have you done!? What have you done!?”

“What have you done!?” Mariupol is added to the list of outrages. The first was the Odessa Massacre of May 2, 2014. That tragedy began with an attack on a pro-Russia camp by “assailants” who “set tents on fire and beat everyone who tried to flee”, stated one eyewitness. Fleeing the assailants, the pro-Russian people “were chased into a building that went up in flames.” (Background: Staring Into the Pit of Hell, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of May 8, 2014.)

The site of the Odessa blaze, a five-story Stalin-era building that housed the local trade union, is now a shrine, where mourners lay flowers and hold candle-lit vigils. With an acrid smell still emanating from the blackened interior and photos of burnt corpses dotting the exterior, anger is growing. Some of the victims jumped to their deaths to escape the flames. [4]

And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground.” (Genesis 4: 10)

——- Sources ——-
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[3] “OSCE strongly condemns deadly violence in Ukraine’s Mariupol”, Voice of Russia, May 10, 2014.
[4] “Horror in Odessa as Fire Deaths Shatter Czarist Russia Jewel”, by Henry Meyer and Ilya Arkhipov. Bloomberg News, May 08, 2014


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