The Odessa File

The Odessa File (1974) – Theatrical Trailer

The name ODESSA is an acronym for the German phrase “Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen”, which translates as “Organization of Former Members of the SS”. A novel by Frederick Forsyth, The Odessa File, first published in 1972, has a young German reporter attempting to discover the location of a former SS concentration-camp commander. The novel alleges that ODESSA is an international Nazi organization established before the defeat of Nazi Germany for the purpose of protecting former members of the SS after World War II. [1]

In 1974, a film adaptation of the novel starred Jon Voight as the young German reporter who struggled against ODESSA. On November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Peter Miller, a young German freelance reporter, pulls over to the curb to listen to a radio report of the event in Dallas. Miller eventually goes undercover to join and infiltrate the ODESSA. [2]

In 1941 there was a massacre in Odessa, a city in the currently mutating Ukraine. Depending on the accepted terms of reference and scope, the 1941 Odessa massacre refers either to the events of October 22–24, 1941 in which some 25,000 to 34,000 Jews were shot or burned, or to the murder of well over 100,000 Ukrainian Jews in the town and the areas between the Dniestr and Bug rivers, during the Romanian and German occupation. On the morning of October 23, 1941 over 19,000 Jews were assembled in nine gunpowder warehouses at the port of Odessa, and summarily shot, after which the warehouses were set on fire. Some of the prisoners were burned alive. [3]

On May 2, 2014 a different Odessa Massacre occurred. It was not on the scale of the 1941 Odessa Massacre, yet it is still an enormous crime. Hints are beginning to be seen about what exactly happened on May 2, 2014.

Victims of the 2014 Odessa Massacre died within seconds, but not from smoke or carbon monoxide suffocation, the head of Odessa’s emergency service department, Vladimir Bodelan, said on his Facebook page. This means the 48 people who perished after being lured into the House of Trade Unions building seem to have been murdered first, and the fire began afterwards. According to witnesses, many of those who managed to escape the death trap of the House of Trade Unions building were strangled or beaten with bats by “radicals.” [4]

The Odessa Massacre – What REALLY Happened

In 1943, after having murdered most of the Jews in the occupied portions of the Soviet Union, the Nazis launched a campaign to exterminate the Slavs as well. Nazi SS units under the command of Himmler protégé Jochem Peiper systematically rounded up Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian villagers, herded them into their churches, blocked the doors, and set them ablaze. Over a thousand such massacres were perpetrated. [5]

You can see a common theme between the 1943 war crimes and the 2014 Odessa Massacre. Again, “Slavs” were herded into a building and it was set on fire, this time by neo-Nazis.

The details of what happened in Odessa on May 2, 2014 are not yet definitely known. But clues are beginning to be seen. We know now that John Brennan, CIA Director, secretly visited Kiev on April 12, 2014.  Dozens of CIA agents are reported to be in Ukraine “advising” the unelected so-called “government” in Kiev. It begins to appear that on May 2nd in Odessa undercover agents provocateur wearing special armbands pretended to be pro-Russia activists. A platoon of approximately 30 armed undercover agents fired numerous rounds at  football (soccer) hooligans, who were known to be “pro unity” or “pro Ukraine”. The neo-Nazi Right Sector joined the consequently enraged football crowd, and together they pursued these provocateurs – who were dressed similarly to “pro-Russian” protesters. [6]

At this point it gets hazy. The undercover agents provocateur wore special armbands. These armbands allowed them to pass through police lines at a crucial moment. A similar situation occurred on November 22, 1963 with the JFK assassination: Police had been instructed to let anyone with an X-marked hatband through the police lines. [7] But at what point did the agents provocateur pretend to defend the camp of the pro-Russia activists, then lure them into the House of Trade Unions building? Or were those different secret agents who lured the pro-Russia activists into the pre-set trap? (Further background: New Info On Luca Brasi Operations, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of May 16, 2014.)

Gennady Moskal, head of Kiev’s parliamentary commission investigating the sniper shootings of February 20, 2014 in Kiev, has said, “This will be yet another case, like the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, which is still being investigated today.” [8] It begins to appear the May 2nd massacre in Odessa might become another such JFK-type mystery.

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