Millard Blesses Abraham


On February 13, 1861, the electoral vote was to be counted in the City of Washington. But the “fire eaters” (rabid secessionists) hoped to sabotage the counting of the electoral votes. Abraham Lincoln himself had written to William Seward, “It seems to me the inauguration is not the most dangerous point for us. Our adversaries have us more clearly at disadvantage, on the second Wednesday of February, when the votes should be officially counted.” There was a credible threat that armed bands of “fire eaters” would disrupt the vote count, take over the capital, and gain possession of the national archives. [1]

“Chedorlaomer and the Kings” once again threatened Abraham, as in days of yore; this time it was “fire eaters” attempting a coup d’etat against Abraham Lincoln. On February 13, 1861, the day of the electoral count, Lincoln had just narrowly escaped a time bomb set to explode on the Lincoln Train of Death. (Background: “Corsican Assassin Waited for Abe”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of June 19, 2014.). On his meandering train journey to Washington, spies sent out from Baltimore trailed Lincoln and provided updates on his movements and security arrangements. [1]

That February 13th, as his train chugged slowly toward Columbus, Ohio, must have been worrisome for Old Abe (now just turned 52 years old). Threats against him seemed omnipresent. He was not yet officially elected president. If the electoral count was sabotaged, what then?

Thus it was when, at 5 pm on February 13, 1861, in Columbus, Ohio, a telegram was handed to Abraham Lincoln: “The votes were counted peaceably. You are elected.” [1] Once again, as in the far-olden times, Abraham had defeated Chedorlaomer and the Kings.

“And Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine…” And Melchizedek blessed Abraham. (Genesis 14: 18-19) Waiting to greet Abraham [Lincoln] in Buffalo, New York was Millard Fillmore (image at top). On February 16, 1861, after having defeated Chedorlaomer and the Kings (the “fire eaters”), Abraham [Lincoln] was welcomed into Buffalo by a wildly enthusiastic crowd of many thousands. Millard “Melchizedek” Fillmore himself stepped forward. Fillmore and Lincoln “greeted one another with a hearty handshake as Lincoln emerged from the car.” [1] It was “a cordial weekend.” Our Millard “entertained Lincoln at his home and paid him every attention…” [2]

But elsewhere, in Baltimore, Maryland, all was not goodness and light. One Lucius E. Chittenden and others belonged to an “independent committee of safety.” They kept watch on the “fire eaters.” Chittenden and his people operated secretly and used passwords and coded messages. Communication was received from Baltimore which alarmed the independent committee of safety. It was claimed that when Lincoln’s train reached Baltimore it would be surrounded by “a mob of twenty thousand roughs and plug-uglies, from which he [Lincoln] will never escape alive.” [1]

Scrupulously checked by the independent committee of safety, it was further learned that “a man named Ruscelli, a barber who called himself Orsini” was prominent among the potential assassins. And Cypriano Ferrandini, it turns out, worked as the chief barber at Barnum’s Hotel in Baltimore! Was “Ruscelli the barber” in fact Cypriano Ferrandini, the Corsican assassin? Ferrandini was known to compare himself with Felice Orsini, who had tried to kill Napoleon III. [1]

A turncoat informant revealed to Chittenden et al. that the Baltimore plotters were themselves only “pawns on a chessboard controlled by much more powerful players.” Once Lincoln had been murdered by knife-wielding assassins en masse (like a scene from “Julius Caesar”), they would escape by a nearby schooner already under steam. [1]

It was further learned that one of the Baltimore plotters was an actor who liked to recite passages from the play, “Julius Caesar.” John Wilkes Booth grew up in Baltimore and was a talented actor. [1]

(The above first appeared at my Melchizedek Communique web site on May 17, 2011.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] Kline, Michael J. The Baltimore Plot. Yardley, PA: Westholme Publishing, LLC, 2008
[2] Redman, Brian. What Would Millard Do?. 2009. Published by Also available as a Kindle e-book.


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