Warning From Warne


It is hard to find an image for Kate Warne, one of Allan Pinkerton’s best detectives. The seeming man standing behind the seated Allan Pinkerton and with hand on tent pole (above) may be Kate Warne in disguise, say some.

Kate Warne boarded the 5:16 pm train, Baltimore to New York City, on February 18, 1861. Traveling all night, she arrived in New York City at 4 am on February 19th. On her person, Warne carried sealed letters meant for Norman Judd and Edward Sanford, President of the American Telegraph Company. [1]

Norman Judd, Chicago businessman, was a close friend of both Abraham Lincoln and Allan Pinkerton. Judd was in charge of the entourage on the Lincoln Train of Death, destination Washington, by way of Baltimore, Maryland. [2] (I call it “Train of Death” because it is like destiny, whose tracks are fixed; no turns possible. Like the “irrepressible conflict”, it travels like an “Orient Express” to the final fate of Abraham Lincoln.)

Evidence was increasing of a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln at, or near, Baltimore. In New York City, Kate Warne was too wound-up to sleep. She paced to-and-fro as she counted the minutes to Judd’s arrival.

But Judd had missed “The Lincoln Special” when it left Albany, and had to take a different train.

When “The Lincoln Special” arrived in New York City, the president-elect was not officially welcomed by Mayor Fernando Wood, but by John Kennedy! (No, this was not JFK, but New York City Police Superintendent John Kennedy.) Lincoln especially praised Kennedy for his excellent police work. During the preceding month, Kennedy had deployed New York City detectives undercover to Baltimore, to investigate alarming reports of a deadly conspiracy there. [1]

It would have been awkward for Mayor Fernando Wood to have officially welcomed Lincoln, because on January 7, 1861 Wood had urged his city to secede from the Union. “As a free city,” stated Mayor Wood at the time, “New York could have the united support of the southern states.” [3]

George N. Sanders, later officially charged with conspiracy in the 1865 Lincoln assassination trial (though not present for same), was the chief contact in Europe and Canada for a powerful New York secessionist group led by August Belmont, Mayor Fernando Wood, and Benjamin Wood. Besides connecting to the New York City Mayor Fernando Wood, Sanders is a thread which leads all over the place: to the Knights of the Golden Circle; to August Belmont; to the Rothschild Bank (through August Belmont); and to President Franklin Pierce, a.k.a. “Evil Pierce”, an ancestor of George W. Bush, a.k.a. “Evil Bush.” [4]

Besides the above Mayor Wood and August Belmont, deadly plotters operated out of New York City. One of these was Otis K. Hillard, who sought to transmit coded telegraph messages to Baltimore. [1] Hillard claimed to be working with Cypriano Ferrandini, the fiery Baltimore barber. [2]

Waiting impatiently to deliver her sealed letters, Kate Warne viewed Abe Lincoln as he arrived in New York City. She noted that he looked “very pale and fatigued.” [2] This, no doubt, was due to the gastro-intestinal torture Lincoln had just suffered in Albany. (Background: “Anti-Masonry, Millard, and Albany Epicures”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of June 21, 2014.)

At last Norman Judd arrived in New York City, more than 2 hours late. Judd visited Kate Warne in her room at the Astor House. She handed him a sealed envelope from Allan Pinkerton. Judd’s eyes grew wide with alarm as he read its contents. It was arranged by Judd that Lincoln would personally meet with Pinkerton later, in Philadelphia, at the Continental Hotel. [2]

It was in New York City that the issue of hats first appeared. (Later, a Scotch cap was used by Lincoln as part of a disguise. Background: “Lincoln’s Scotch Cap and Cloak”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of June 9, 2014.) Messrs. Knox and Leary, competing hatters, vied to present the best hat to Old Abe. Asked for his opinion on the two hats, Lincoln quipped, “They mutually surpass each other.” But one of these hats, a “Kossuth hat”, may have later helped save Lincoln’s life. [1]

(A version of the above first appeared at my Melchizedek Communique web site on May 19, 2011.)

——- Sources ——-
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