A Delicate Truth

“Dirty tricks in the war on terror” is how one reviewer describes the latest John le Carré novel, A Delicate Truth. Le Carré has an “undisguised anger towards America” consequent to its “War on Terror”, writes reviewer Jon Stock in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper. [1]

The latest line from the British fancy lads (their aristocracy and its sycophants) is, “Alas! We are not to blame. Britain is only a vassal of the United States.” But it could be the other way around: Remember A-albionic’s maxim: “The overt and covert organs of the Vatican and British empires are locked in mortal combat for control of the world.” [2] This makes Britain truly the top dog, compared with the United States.

A Delicate Truth is “a thrilling story of government cover-ups, personal conscience and public duty” writes reviewer Jon Stock. The  lasting legacy of 9/11 (September 11, 2001) for the British spies “has been the brutal militarisation of a once urbane profession.” [1]

I don’t know that A Delicate Truth is exactly “thrilling” (maybe for the Brit upper crust it is), but it is a “good read.” Toby Bell, an up-and-comer with Britain’s Foreign Office, gradually uncovers disturbing facts about a covert mission to Gibraltar. Bell is stonewalled in his quest however by the Foreign Office itself, the British police, and by a private American “security” corporation reminiscent of the infamous Blackwater.

“Private defence contractors. Where’ve you been? Name of the game these days. War’s gone corporate, in case you haven’t noticed. Standing professional armies are a bust. Top-heavy, under-equipped, one brigadier for every dozen boots on the ground, and cost a mint. Try a couple of years at Defence if you don’t believe me.” [3]

The Blackwater stand-in for the le Carré novel is “Ethical Outcomes”, a.k.a. Ethical Outcomes Incorporated of Houston, Texas. “With our brand-new international team of uniquely qualified geopolitical thinkers, we at Ethical offer innovative, insightful, cutting-edge analyses of risk assessment to major corporate and national entities. At Ethical we pride ourselves on our integrity, due diligence, and up-to-the-minute cyber skills. Close protection and hostage negotiators available at immediate notice. Marlon will respond to your personal and confidential inquiries.” [3] This is discovered by aging Foreign Office patsy Paul Anderson as he researches the situation.

But “Ethical Outcomes” is not so ethical, as it turns out. And Ethical Outcomes, like the constantly mutating Blackwater itself, has various layers. Ethical Outcomes is covered over by a parent company, Spencer Hardy Holdings, a multinational corporation whose interests include oil, wheat, timber, beef, property development and not-for-profit initiatives. Thus you have a multinational corporation with its own private army which can do whatever the parent decides. Furthermore, the whole conglomerate has slowly weaseled its way into government itself and subverted it.

Ethical Outcomes has a chameleon aspect, and so does the real-world Blackwater. The private company Greystone Ltd., a former affiliate of Blackwater, at first denied involvement in a recent Ukraine crackdown, then switched to a “no comment” stance. Academi is a private security services provider founded in 1997 by Erik Prince. Formerly known as Blackwater, the company was renamed “Xe Services” in 2009, and “Academi” in 2011. Greystone was founded by Erik Prince in 2004. (Background: U.S. Funded Mercenaries Deployed in Ukraine?, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of April 14, 2014.)

Layers upon layers. As with Blackwater, so too with Ethical Outcomes. Toby Bell keeps getting closer to the truth, and as he does his personal situation becomes increasingly dangerous. The ending of the John le Carré novel, A Delicate Truth, is ambiguous: Will newspapers such as The Guardian and the New York Times dare to tell the truth? Or will they be told it is a “national security” matter and decide not to publish?

——- Sources ——-
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[2] A-albionic Research Forums, http://aalbionic.yuku.com/
[3] A Delicate Truth, by John le Carré


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