Christopher Columbus, Spanish Jew


Contrary to assumptions, Christopher Columbus (image above) was not an Italian but a Spaniard and half-Jewish. The evidence for this is summarized in chapter seven of Pirates & The Lost Templar Fleet, by David Hatcher Childress (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2003).

Simon Wiesenthal, famed hunter of Nazis, reportedly wrote in his book, Sails Of Hope, that Christopher Columbus “is one of history’s most controversial and shadowy figures, with mystery surrounding his birth, his character, his career and his achievement.”

The mystery begins with Cristobal Colon, “love child” of Prince Carlos IV of Viana, Spain and Margarita Colon of Mallorca, Spain, born circa 1460.

Someone else, called Cristoforo Colombo, was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. This person was poorly educated and a dealer in wool, not a sailor much less an explorer.

Cristobal Colon (the real “Christopher Columbus”) had extensive seagoing experience. At the age of 12, the unacknowledged offspring of Prince Carlos IV, who was by then dead, had crewed for the Mediterranean pirate Rene d’Anjou. By the age of 14, Colon knew enough to be allowed to navigate. Colon sailed far, eventually to Iceland and to the African coast.

The imposter “Christopher Columbus”, Cristoforo Colombo of Genoa, did make some wool-buying trips to Portugal between 1475 and 1478. But that was as a merchant, not an explorer. A researcher into Columbus history, Brother Nectario Maria, records Cristoforo Colombo having died at sea in 1480. (Hatcher Childress suggests Colombo could have been pushed overboard by Cristobal Colon.)

A few years ago, a very old book was purchased in Milan, Italy. Inside the binding, an aged deposition was found, dated 1494. Peter Martyr, also known as Father de Angliera, wrote, in part:

“Christobal Colon was a native of Majorca [Mallorca] and not of Liguria… He had been advised to pretend, for political and religious reasons, in order to request the help of ships from the King of Spain. Colon, after all, is the equivalent of Colombo, and there had been found living in Genoa one such Cristoforo Colombo Canajosa, son of Domingo and Susana Fontanarossa, who should not be confused with the West Indies navigator.”

1492 was an eventful year for Spain. In that year, not only had the Moors been at last finally defeated, but also Jews began to be expelled from Spain. Cristobal Colon, a Spanish Jew having royal blood, wanted to help his fellow Jews. With Jews in such disfavor in Spain, pretending to be the Italian Cristoforo Colombo may have been necessary. Cristobal Colon possessed copies of ancient maps showing land to the west. A “cover story” about “sailing west to reach India” disguised the true purpose: a new home for exiled Jews was sought.

Reportedly, in Sails Of Hope, Simon Wiesenthal explicitly states that the purpose of Columbus’ voyage was to resettle the Jews in “Asia”.

There is a pirate connection in the true story of Christopher Columbus. Colon had been born and grew up in Mallorca, that island being a major pirate headquarters at the time. As previously mentioned, Colon first went to sea under the captaincy of Rene d’Anjou. And Columbus “discovered” land in the Caribbean, the location of a later pirate kingdom. Much disinformation about the Caribbean Republic of “Pirates” has been dished out. But what was this relatively brief-lived Caribbean Republic really?

(The above first appeared at my old Conspiracy Nation web site on July 15, 2008.)


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