Knights Templar In America

American Templars

The pirates drank to the damnation of Britain’s so-called king. There are Knights Templar connections to the Caribbean Republic of Pirates. A lost fleet of the Knights Templar journeyed to Scotland following the suppression of the Templars in 1307. The “Jolly Roger”, the Skull & Crossbones flag of the pirates, suggests the Templar belief that only a skull and two bones were needed to qualify for resurrection. (Background: A True Pirates Tale, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 4, 2014.)

From the facts of the puzzling Newport Tower and the Oak Island Money Pit, author David S. Brody has woven a tale of Knights Templar in America. As of 2013, a movie version of Brody’s novel is extant. The film, The American Templars, offers the possibility that a group of Knights Templar explored New England and left clues to the greatest treasure in history in their wake.

Prince Henry of Scotland landed in Nova Scotia in 1398. His grandson built Roslyn Chapel about 50 years later. Stonemasons were hired, but did no work at Roslyn for 5 years. So what were they doing in the meantime? Were they building the Oak Island Money Pit in Nova Scotia?

Many of the Knights Templar had escaped to Scotland after the mass arrests in France, in 1307. But Roman Catholicism and her forces were breathing down the necks of the Templars, even in Scotland. Prince Henry knew, from old maps, that an unknown land lay to the west. In a “New Scotland” (Nova Scotia) the persecuted Templars might at last find peace. An unknown treasure or treasures were carried with them to Nova Scotia (later called Arcadia, and then Acadia.)

Et in Arcadia ego.

Brody’s tale is fictional, but it is fiction based on fact. He includes supporting photos of anomalous archeological finds as well as footnotes to support his theory.


Brody refers interested readers to the New England Antiquities Research Association ( NEARA for additional foundation. At that web site is included information on the mysterious Newport Tower (image above). “What is the Newport Tower? Norse? British Colonial? Scottish? Chinese? Portuguese? Basque? Join us as we begin the first archaeological excavation in 60 years in Touro Park, Newport, Rhode Island, to solve this mystery.”

At Brody’s web site ( numerous images of artifacts and sites in and around New England are shown: The Newport Tower; The Westford Knight Sword; The Spirit Pond Rune Stone; The Narragansett Rune Stone; The Westford Boat Stone; The Kensington Rune Stone; and The Hooked X Rune.

David S. Brody’s book, Cabal of the Westford Knight (Groton, MA: Martin and Lawrence Press, 2009), has not Opus Dei as the secret villains, but a purported Vatican splinter group called the “Legions of Jesus”.

Ersjdamoo proposes that indeed a Templar colony was established in Nova Scotia. This new land, as already noted, became known as Arcadia and Acadia. It is from there that the Louisiana “Cajuns” originate. Still hounded by Rome, the Templar Arcadians fled to Louisiana. But Rome would not let them be, for the Cajuns knew the immense secret. Steadfast in protecting the Holy Treasure, the Cajuns refused to hand it over to Rome.

(A version of the above first appeared at my Melchizedek Communique web site on July 28, 2010.)


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