RAND Corp. Memo Is New "Iron Mountain"

Leaked plan’ on E Ukraine suggests internment camps, executions

A purported leaked memo from the RAND Corporation is the new “Iron Mountain.”

A report by the Iron Mountain commission was secretly printed in 1966. One of the commission members, “John Doe” (pseudonym), had misgivings about keeping the report secret from the American people. Dial Press published, as non-fiction, “Report From Iron Mountain” (1967) when “John Doe” did an Edward Snowden and leaked the report. President Lyndon Johnson had a fit of rage over the report being published. “Suppress it!” he ordered. However the cat was already out of the bag, so to speak, so suppressing the report was not possible. Instead, “Report From Iron Mountain” was discredited when one Leonard C. Lewin “confessed” it had all been a joke. (Further background: Findings Of Iron Mountain, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 27, 2013.)

Now, this past weekend, a new sort of “Iron Mountain” leak has occurred. “The ruthlessness of the policies the imperialist powers are pursuing in Ukraine was highlighted by the leak of a document purporting to be a report of the US intelligence-linked RAND Corporation offering policy proposals to the Kiev regime,” reported the World Socialist Web Site on July 7, 2014. [1]

News of this purported leaked RAND Corporation document appeared as early as July 3, 2014. The next day, July 4th, Global Research News covered the story. The alleged RAND Corporation document “provides three stages for the conduct of a military operation in eastern Ukraine,” reported Global Research News:

  • (Stage 1) Total isolation of the region; all local citizens presumed to be terrorists or sympathizers;
  • (Stage 2) “Mop-up”: This includes air strikes and the use of non-conventional arms;
  • (Stage 3) “Back to normal”: Borders strengthened; refugees placed in internment camps and screened before being released. [2]

Subsequent to the initial flurry over the purported RAND Corporation leaked memo, the company denied producing such a report.

But they would say that no matter what the case. Do you honestly expect RAND Corporation to have said, “Ooops. Looks like we have egg on our face this time”?

Hence we have a new “Iron Mountain” situation, where fact meets fiction and “truth” resides in the mind of the witness.

Commenting on the conundrum, the Russia Today network, on July 5, 2014, reported how one “Don Debar from CPR News” observed, “Even if the leaked plan of ‘handling’ [the] Ukrainian crisis was not produced by the RAND corporation, events on the ground very much resemble the shocking points of the memo…” [3]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “US-backed regime retakes Slavyansk, threatens bloodbath in eastern Ukraine”, by Alex Lantier. World Socialist Web Site, July 7, 2014. http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/07/07/ukra-j07.html
[2] “President Poroshenko Uses RAND Corporation ‘Action Plan’ for Eastern Ukraine including Ground Assaults and Air Strikes”, by Global Research News, July 4, 2014.
[3] “Guidelines for genocide is US prime export product”, Russia Today, July 5, 2014. http://on.rt.com/wo01k0


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