True Secret of the Knights Templar

Cajun Secret Sauce

In an earlier Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry it was noticed how all the Knights Templar sorts of books ponder on the immense secret the Knights possessed. In the Dan Brown-type books this is almost invariably revealed to be Mary Magdalene and the “sacred feminine.” Yeah, okay. But b-o-r-i-n-g. (Background: “Knights Templar in America”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 5, 2014.)

What do the Cajuns of Louisiana know? A Templar colony had been established in Nova Scotia. This new land became known as Arcadia and Acadia. It is from there that the Louisiana “Cajuns” originate. Still hounded by Rome, the Templar Arcadians fled to Louisiana. And with them they carried the immense secret.

It was long ago and far away. Sweltering in the heat of Outremer (the Holy Land) in their woolen underwear, the knights wished to bathe but could not. Tempers of the Templars were not good. It was then that a wise man from the East revealed to Otto of Orleans, the cook for the band of knights, how rare spices could enhance flavor. Otto managed to obtain samples of the needed spices from the Old Man of the Mountain, in exchange for seven lusty virgins. With these spices and the knowledge of the East, Otto of Orleans cooked up a meal that surpassed all others in sublimity. The meal was so exquisite that verily it can be said those who partook achieved enlightenment.

It was this secret sauce which Rome intensely coveted! For this reason the Pope persuaded the French king to massively round up the Knights Templar on October 13, 1307. But the papal powers were baffled when the Templar fleet at La Rochelle had advance warning and sailed off to Scotland carrying the recipe for the secret sauce.

Still, even in Scotland, it was not safe. And so, Prince Henry and a brave group of explorers sailed west to Nova Scotia. There, they shared with the Indians the fine cooking and quickly made fast friends of the natives. Later the colony was called Arcadia and then Acadia. The descendants of this group were later evicted from Acadia, and re-settled in Louisiana where they are known as the Cajuns. And even to this day, the secret sauce of the Cajuns has established the world renown of the fine Cajun cooking. This is the true secret of the Knights Templar: How with the seven secret spices obtained in exchange for the seven lusty virgins the secret sauce which leads to enlightenment was achieved. The “sacred feminine” is merely an allusion to how the seven lusty virgins played a part in the true secret, the secret sauce of the Knights Templar!

(The above is a satire and is not meant literally.)

(The above first appeared at my Melchizedek Communique web site on July 30, 2010.)


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