Fracking and Pipeline Predicaments

Light Your Water On Fire from Gas Drilling, Fracking

The South Pars/North Dome gas-condensate field began producing in 1989. Qatar is a major owner of South Pars/North Dome. “In 2009, Qatar proposed a gas pipeline from the capitol Doha to Istanbul, Turkey that would cross Syria and terminate on the Mediterranean, with the gas then being shipped to Europe.” [1]

But in 2009 Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad declined a proposal for the pipeline to run through Syria. And thus began the propaganda drumbeat against Assad. [1]

Russia is the dominant supplier of fossil fuels to the European Union, providing 25 percent of both its gas and oil needs. In response to the West’s attempts to find alternative gas sources for the EU, such as the ill-fated Nabucco Pipeline, Russia built the Nord Stream Pipeline which traverses the Baltic. Another gas pipeline goes from Russia through Ukraine before it reaches the EU. A developing pipeline named South Stream will completely bypass Ukraine and Crimea. [1]

Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell had planned to drill two wells in the Black Sea some 80 kilometers from Crimea’s southwest coast however, due to unrest in Ukraine and the uncertain status of Crimea, the exploration licenses acquired by the oil giants now have dubious legality. [1]

“The way to beat Vladimir Putin is to flood the European market with fracked-in-the-USA natural gas, or so the industry would have us believe,” writes Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. The fracked gas would be liquified and shipped to Europe. But the infrastructure needed for this handling and shipping of LNG gas is of doubtful practicality. [2]

Besides the logistics of getting the fracked gas from the USA to Europe, there are doubts about the “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) process itself. The late Michael Ruppert was, among other things, a “peak oil” awareness advocate. “Peak oil” is the theory that at some point we hit a “peak” of oil production and after that the oil production begins to decline. This would have increasingly troublesome ramifications, as industrialized nations more bitterly struggled to possess the remaining fossil fuels. Shortly before Ruppert committed suicide on April 13, 2014, he was videotaped giving his explanation of the fracking situation. Fracking is a “techno-fix” for peak oil, stated Ruppert. North America passed a “natural gas cliff” in 2002-2003. Fracking is a desperate drive for energy. This shows that leaders of the industrialized world have a complete psychotic disconnect, because the fresh water tables are being destroyed. Or so claimed Ruppert. [3]

Ruppert also claimed that the Halliburton Company had a patent which involved shooting depleted uranium deep into the earth to “fracture” the shale rock and liberate the gas. Not only did Halliburton have a patent for this, but they had begun using it, according to Ruppert. [3]

A different source corroborates that Halliburton does at least have a patent for a fracking technique which uses depleted uranium. [4]

There are logistical problems with sending North American fracked and liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe. But what if the fracking could be done in Europe itself? As it turns out, “Ukraine has an estimated 42 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of technically recoverable shale gas reserves, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), ranking its deposits as the fourth largest in Europe behind Poland (187 tcf), France (180 tcf) and Norway (83 tcf).” [5]

So maybe this all explains why the big fuss now about a plane crash in Ukraine. (Background: A Plane Crashed – So What?, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 21, 2014.) Once we get past the “peak oil” phase, the industrialized nations more bitterly struggle to possess the remaining fossil fuels.

——- Sources ——-
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