"Peak Oil" and Ukraine

Suburbia Is Over: Why US Oil Dependence is Futureless

In April 2005 Rolling Stone magazine included an article so depressing it made Michael Ruppert seem like Pollyanna. In “The End Of Oil,” James Howard Kunstler, author of the later book The Long Emergency,  declared that that year, 2005, was the start of an energy emergency which would widen our eyes, break our backs, reduce us to serfdom, and impoverish our days. [1]

A more balanced view of the situation can be found in Paul Roberts’  book, also titled The End Of Oil (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2004. ISBN: 0-618-56211-7). Yes, we were entering a transition period. Yes, such transitions can be difficult. But change is not all bad. There are a lot of creative people and a lot more having tremendous creative potential. Look for the unexpected, along with the unrealized, to add silver linings to the cloud.


Kunstler provided a beware notice at the start of his essay. He quoted Carl Jung: “People cannot stand too much reality.” Only the brave-hearted ones will be able to stomach what he has to say.

Well, you just didn’t “get it,” did you? You were all supposed to fall into line after Sept. 11, 2001 (9/11), but you didn’t. Instead you asked even more questions. Or in other words, “Even after the terrorist attacks of 9/11,” writes Kunstler, “America is still sleepwalking into the future. I call this coming time the Long Emergency.”

So okay Mr. Smarty Pants with the too many questions, we’re just going to have to raise the fear level with Peak Oil nightmares. And you “cornucopians” with your claiming “abiotic” oil will naturally replenish the oil fields, your creamy nougat center hopes shall be crushed!

Welcome to 2005, Mr. Dissenter. Welcome to Peak Oil, which arrives now. “We don’t have to run out of oil to start having severe problems.” Oh no, not at all. “We only have to slip over the all-time production peak and begin a slide down the arc of steady depletion.”

“This is going to be a permanent crisis.” (Did somebody say, “Martial Law?”) The liquified natural gas? Phooey! The hydrogen economy? Hogwash! “Biomass” schemes? Horsefeathers!

We will be making “other arrangements,” Mr. Cannot-Be-Satisfied. The following measures (“predictions”) shall be enacted, according to Kunstler’s 2005 perception:

  • The suburbs shall fail. They are filled with yuppie dweebs driving SUVs and wasting energy in their McMansions;
  • Mobility shall decrease greatly. Airlines shall fail. Long-range commerce shall desist;
  • Large-scale agriculture shall fail. We shall be serfs, working tiny sections of land to grow food;
  • The automobiles shall diminish and the roads shall suffer;
  • The big cities shall erupt in tumult for, surrounded by the necrotic suburbs, there is no farmland there;
  • With little water, gas, and air-conditioning, the Southwest shall suffer;
  • In the Southeast, the ruined middle class shall lock horns with the Pentecostal Christians;
  • “The Long Emergency is going to be a tremendous trauma for the human race.”

So said James Howard Kunstler in the April 7th 2005 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. And Lo! It has come to pass that the liquified natural gas (LNG) “techno-fix” appeared, enabled by the “fracking.” But how to feasibly ship the LNG to Europe and thwart Russia as an energy provider there? Perhaps we could begin “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) in Ukraine? But first we would need a friendly government there. Enter the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev. (Further background: Fracking and Pipeline Predicaments, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 22, 2014.)

And so we now have a huge propaganda war, mostly fomented by the Anglo-Americans (England and the United States). Russia is for the moment mostly on the defensive in this propaganda war. That enigma nation mostly thus far just tries to counter various wild claims being made by the Anglo-Americans.

Remember the previous propaganda war against Syria, which had refused to allow a proposed gas pipeline to traverse their nation. Remember from around 2012 Mr. Moto, international man of mystery, a fat man wearing a fez hat, and Rami the Restaurateur, calling himself the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Remember how Old One Eye (Marie Colvin) hopped on a motor scooter and illegally entered Syria. Remember the propaganda war from only a couple years ago, summarized under the satirical rubric, “Bashar Assad Shoots Puppy Dogs For Fun”. (Background: Deadline For Consolation Prize Clinton, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of March 16, 2012.)

(Portions of the above first appeared at my old Conspiracy Nation web site on March 29, 2005.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] Rolling Stone magazine, issue 971, April 7, 2005

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