Death By China

Death by China Film – Official Trailer

A feature length documentary film, Death by China, was released in 2012. It is based on a book of the same name by economics professor Peter Navarro and Greg Autry that chronicles, “From currency manipulation and abusive trade policies, to slave labor and deadly consumer products,” the alleged threats to global economic stability and world peace posed by China’s “corrupt and ruthless” governing Communist Party. [1]

The film has a web site,, and is available via Netflix and YouTube.

China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 11, 2001. [2] This happened thanks in part to the Bill Clinton presidency. It was Bill Clinton, among others, who pushed for China’s entry into the WTO. During a press conference on March 29, 2000, Clinton said that granting China permanent normal trade relations (PNTR), which allowed China to gain entry into the WTO, would be a great deal for America. Granting PNTR to China would “increase U.S. jobs and reduce our trade deficit,” Clinton promised. [3]

The film, Death By China, skewers Clinton, making him look, in retrospect, like a fool. As it turns out, American factories and their decent-paying jobs relocated to China consequent to China’s entry into the WTO. American workers, thanks to the WTO deal, have had to compete with oppressed serfs and even slave labor in China. China has no Occupational Health & Safety rules comparable to those in the U.S., and this gives Chinese factories another huge advantage. China does not bother with anti-pollution efforts as does the U.S., so this too gives China an advantage. Then there is currency manipulation by China, hard for the layperson to understand but also giving that Communist nation an unfair advantage. These disadvantages and more of China’s WTO entry are explored in Death By China.

Instead of the “opening up of China for business” leading to improved human rights for the Chinese people, the WTO admittance has rather had an opposite effect, according to the film. Examples of the barbarity of the Chinese government are given, including corroboration for a previous report on Ersjdamoo’s Blog. In Modern Body Snatchers, posted July 11, 2014, it was shown how the illegal “harvesting” of body organs such as human kidneys was not just some “urban legend.” In Death By China, such “harvesting” is specified to involve prisoners in China, kept alive only until “harvest time.” Then, when some “transplant tourist” needs a kidney, the prisoner gets “harvested” to death! Not just gone are his kidneys, but his eyeballs, liver and heart as well!

(My friend, the late Sherman H. Skolnick, also reported on this Red China human body parts trafficking. For example, in The Red Chinese Secret Police In The United States (Part 3), Skolnick delved into how one form of U.S. “business with Red China, supervised by their secret police there and in the United States, is the human organ business. Human body parts are bought and sold like parts for a car.”)

This is a nation “emerging into the light of democracy” and with which we workers in America are supposed to compete!? Welcome to the New World Order, my friend, where soul-less multinational corporations call the shots as they pull the puppet strings of lackey politicians such as Bill Clinton.

But the last laugh will be on the treasonous corporations, when the Communist government which they trusted decides to nationalize their factories. “Thank you for setting up your factory here and training our workers. Thank you for sharing your R&D research with us,” the Red Chinese mandarins will say. “But now we are seizing ownership, to pay for huge debts owed to us by the United States.”

And what happens then? WAR! The very American workers betrayed by the WTO deal with China will be called upon to risk their lives. The propagandists in the U.S. will wave the flag and say it is about freedom and democracy. But it will really be about getting back the property of corporations already guilty of disloyalty to the United States!

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[3] “China’s Entry Into The WTO 10 Years Later Is Not What President Clinton Promised”, by Richard A. McCormack. Manufacturing & Technology News, June 15, 2010.


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