Tammy Faye Urges, "Pray for Russia"

The Eyes of Tammy Faye Trailer

In 2008, coincident to an earthquake, a visionary phantom resembling Tammy Faye Bakker had been seen. The appearance of a mysterious lady often does accompany earthquakes in historical accounts. For instance, in the time of Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade a seeming appearance of the Virgin Mary was accompanied by an earthquake. (Background: Eerie Message From Tammy Faye Bakker, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 30, 2014.)

In January of 1871, an earthquake struck at Pontmain, France. A week earlier, an “Aurora Borealis” had “made a deep impression” upon witnesses. Then, coincident with the quake, the “stars seemed to melt away and suddenly about five feet above the roof, there appeared a beautiful Lady.” Her message, in part, advised, “But pray my children, God will soon grant your request. My Son allows Himself to be moved by compassion.” [1]

“Telluric currents” (terrestrial currents) are associated with the Fatima region in Portugal. This area has witnessed an astounding number of reports of apparitions of shining ‘ladies.’ The most famous occurrences were the appearances of a mysterious lady in 1917 to three children.

On February 7th, 1917, three months before the first Fatima visitation, a group of spiritualists in Portugal received a communication, by “automatic writing,” which they deemed to be of great importance. An entity signing its name as “Stella Matutina” (Latin for “Morning Star”), foretold, in part, “The day of May 13th will be one of great happiness for the good souls of the world. Have ye faith and be ye good. Ego Sum Charitas.” The spiritualist group published, as a small advertisement, an announcement of the predicted event in the March 10, 1917 edition of Diário de Noticias. [2]

In Fatima, the mysterious lady, believed to be Mother Mary, had urged, “Pray for Russia.” Was Mother Mary already in contact with the Russian Holy Man Grigori Rasputin? Rasputin was plowing in a field one day when he was struck by a vision. The vision was an apparition in the form of the Holy Mother, who told Rasputin that the tsarevich Aleksei was a hemophiliac and that he should stop the boy’s bleeding. In 1902, Rasputin began to make his way to St. Petersburg. [3]

The mysterious Lady of Fatima is assumed to have been the Virgin Mary. However, “[i]n 1992 details relating to the apparitions, which had previously been unreleased, were finally revealed. A priest who had interviewed the children at the time of the apparitions reported their description of the Lady wearing a short skirt, earrings and a necklace with a medallion.” [4] In 1917, it would have been rather risqué for any woman to have been so attired. For the Virgin Mary to have appeared wearing a short skirt and earrings makes one wonder: Perhaps it was someone else? Someone who had once given herself up to the pleasures of the flesh, such as Mary Magdalen?

Or was the mysterious lady of Fatima a “pre-incarnation” of the later-to-be-born Tammy Faye? Was the Fatima lady wearing false eyelashes as well as a short skirt? If it was the earth-destined soul of Tammy Faye, enroute from a world beyond time, then her words then have meaning now: Pray for Russia.

As imagined by Philip K. Dick, in his novel The Divine Invasion, Herb Asher, a recluse living on a human colony on the planet CY30-CY30B, is visited by a prophet named Elias Tate who informs Asher that Rybys, a virgin, is pregnant with the Second Coming. The three travel to Earth where the child will finish the battle with Belial, the Adversary who banished Yahweh to CY30-CY30B thousands of years earlier and has kept the Earth under his dark cloud since. On Earth, Rybys is assassinated by means of a contrived car crash. For Tammy Faye, the “assassination” may have been by cancer, as happened to Jack Ruby. In Philip K. Dick’s telling, Rybys is delivered of a child, Emmanuel, before she dies. For Tammy Faye, two children were born: Tammy Sue in 1970, and Jamie Charles in 1975.

As for Jim Bakker, husband of Tammy Faye, he could be the Joseph in this scenario. Joseph disappears from the Bible story: Where was Joseph when Jesus was being crucified? In the case of Jim Bakker, it was he who was in a sense crucified, circa 1988-1989: Bakker had been “set up” by Jessica Hahn, he later claimed. [5] And Hahn reportedly stated in April 1989, “They have the IRS, the FBI and the CIA all involved. As far as church and state go, there is no separation. That’s dead. They work hand-in-hand.” [6] After the “big fuss” had died down and Bakker had endured the jeers of the press (the scribes), he turns out to have been basically innocent of any crime!

And so we have Tammy Faye appearing in 1917 before she had yet incarnated and urging, “Pray for Russia.” We have the strange twist where it is Joseph (Jim Bakker) instead of Jesus who gets crucified. Then Bakker rises from the dead when he emerged from the sealed (45 year sentence) tomb of a federal prison. And we have this time two children born of the sacred union of Jim (Joseph) and Tammy Faye (Mary), a female (Tammy Sue) and a male (Jamie Charles) this time.

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