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Attack of the Vladimirovichi

Alfred Ernst Rosenberg, key Nazi Party ideologue, plotted for an “independent” Ukraine, to be allied with Germany. Vladimir Kirillovich, purported Grand Duke and Tsarevich (image), was tight with Germany. He was the son of Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovich and Grand … Continue reading

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Long Live the Tsar!

Nicholas II Coronation – God Save the Czar Associated Press (AP) reported July 15, 1998 on ceremonies in Russia involving the formal burial of supposed remains of Tsar Nicholas II and members of the Russian royal family. But several hundred … Continue reading

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Tsar Loses A Tooth

Lt. Colonel Michal Goleniewski of Poland was a top-ranking member of  the “Heckenschuetze” network – one of the most important allies ever gained and lost by the United States and composed of many anti-Communist Russians. Goleniewski defected to the United … Continue reading

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The Tsar Killed JFK?

George and Jeanne de Mohrenschildt – Lee Harvey Oswalds Russian friends in Fort Worth, TX. On October 18, 1963, Life magazine printed a story, “The Case of a new Anastasia.” Someone named Eugenia Smith had surfaced, claiming to be the … Continue reading

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How the Tsar Escaped

So how exactly did Tsar Nicholas II and his family escape Ekaterinburg in 1918? Recall from yesterday’s blog entry how reporter Carl William Ackerman cast doubt on the supposed “mass execution” of July 16-17, 1918. Lt. Colonel Michal Goleniewski of … Continue reading

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Fate of the Tsar

Carl William Ackerman, a reporter, accompanied the Siberian Intervention in 1918. From Vladivostok to Ekaterinburg, the Americans, British, French and Japanese battled against the Bolsheviki which terrorized the land. Ackerman wrote a book about his experiences, Trailing the Bolsheviki, published … Continue reading

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Mission to Siberia

Carl William Ackerman, a reporter, was connected with the Allied armies which were fighting the Bolsheviks in Siberia. Called the Siberian Intervention and/or the Siberian Expedition, this effort was underway between 1918 and 1922. Ackerman wrote a book on his … Continue reading

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