Russia Mobilizes Troops

Donetsk, Lugansk fear humanitarian crisis as Kiev tightens grip on eastern Ukraine — RT News

The Russian air force and air defense have announced “exercises.” This means, in other words, they have mobilized. Also, according to a report yesterday by the New York Times, Russia has roughly doubled the number of its battalions near the Ukrainian border. [1]

In its assessment of the situation, the New York Times tip-toes past the looming humanitarian catastrophe in Lugansk, a large city in eastern Ukraine. Agence France Press (AFP) had reported on August 2, 2014, “‘After several months due to the blockade and incessant firing the city now finds itself on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe,’ stated the office of Lugansk mayor Sergiy Kravchenko.” [2] Instead, the New York Times portrays “the self-proclaimed mayor of Luhansk” as just ad hoc calling for the Russian military to intervene. [1]

The different perspectives on the situation are underlined by the insistence on even a spelling confrontation, with one side spelling “Lugansk” and the other side spelling “Luhansk.” Such semantic standpoints are significant, as for example with the semantic difference of “multipolar world” versus the West’s calling the deteriorating (New) World Order “bipolar world”, suggesting a mental illness.

In yesterday’s blog entry, Litvinenko vs. Rasputin, Ersjdamoo had chided Russian president Vladimir Putin for not honoring a previous promise to protect the Russian-leaning people of eastern Ukraine. It may be I spoke too soon: Russia may not after all just stand by while non-combatants in Lugansk/Luhansk, endure a brutal siege and their water, electricity, and food supplies are cut off. But contrary to New York Times forebodings, the Russian intervention might not be primarily military in this case. Instead, Moscow may be on the verge of a “Berlin airlift” type of operation. In 1948-1949 the then-Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies’ railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under allied control. In response, the Western Allies organized the Berlin airlift to carry supplies to the people in West Berlin. [3] Now, the situation has reversed as Kiev, stooge of the Anglo-Americans, has pulled a curtain around Lugansk/Luhansk. This may explain why specifically it is the Russian air force and air defense which has mobilized. Ready to provide back-up however are increased Russian battalions near the Ukrainian border.

Not yet heard from the peanut gallery are any accusations of Ersjdamoo being a “Russian apologist.” (Perhaps the peanut gallery is already saying this amongst themselves.) During the Josef Stalin times, British academics, intellectuals and journalists pooh-poohed the reality of deliberate famine and cruel gulags in the Soviet Union. [4] Walter Duranty, Moscow Bureau Chief of none other than the New York Times, denied  widespread famine, most particularly the Ukraine mass starvation (1932–33). [5] Eleanor Roosevelt is portrayed as a fool in Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s novel, The First Circle. So yes, there is a risk of being fooled by Russia. But which of the two “news” sources – Russian versus Anglo-American – do we definitely know to be notorious liars? Which of the two has consistently lied over the years about such things as the JFK assassination, the Waco massacre of 1993, and the surreal events of September 11, 2001 (9/11)? At least with the Russian sources in these post-Soviet times, they are not yet proven liars and deserve the benefit of the doubt.

——- Sources ——-
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[2] “Ukraine rebel city of Lugansk on verge of ‘humanitarian catastrophe'”, AFP, August 2, 2014
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