Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi?

John McCain Dined And Stood By The Leader Of The Ultra-Nationalist Svoboda Party 16Dec2013

Dave Emory is a protégé of the late, legendary Mae Brussell, a radio personality whose work focused primarily on the hidden “deep state” in America. Emory is called one of the “Brussell sprouts”, because he has “sprouted” from Mae Brussell and continues her work. Emory frequently propounds the existence of an “Underground Reich” as a central feature of his broader theses. [1]

On March 23, 2014, Emory made a taped radio broadcast entitled “Can You Put Lipstick On A Nazi?” Part 1 of the tape deals with how “lipstick” is being put on the face of the coup d’etat government in Kiev. Even though the stooge government in Kiev looks like a Nazi, smells like a Nazi, and sounds like a Nazi, the Anglo-American opinion shapers have been working hard to convince people otherwise.

Part 1 of Emory’s “Can You Put Lipstick On A Nazi?” is currently available at this link:

Based on my notes of the Emory broadcast, here is some of what he had to say:

Ukraine’s OUN/B, Pravy Sektor, and Svobada are portrayed as democratic because they are allied with the West. Vladimir Putin and Russia are the only force opposing the horrendous things going on in Ukraine. Emory suspects that Putin was lured into a trap and he is meant to do what he is doing. The overtly fascist and WWII Nazi revanchist nature of the Kiev stooge government and their strident anti-Russian activities and point of view have left Putin with little alternative response.

Since the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, there has been an indoctrination of Ukrainian schoolchildren. Emory relies especially for his information on an article from OpEd News, by George Eliason: “The Nazis Even Hitler Was Afraid of”. Reportedly, there is now forced Ukrainization at the pre-school level. Here is a sample conversation between one of the new authorities and a little child:

ADULT: What is your name?
CHILD: Misha.
ADULT: That is not Ukrainian. You are Mihailo!

Another such conversation:

ADULT: What is your name?
CHILD: Masha.
ADULT: You are Marusa.
CHILD: But my mom calls me Masha!
ADULT: If you want to be Masha, go to Moscow!

“Don’t call other children Russian names. It is degrading. It’s like calling them an animal that lives in the woods and walks on all fours.” [2]

Stepan Bandera (1909 – 1959) was the head of the OUN/B (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists). His primary deputy was Yaroslav Stetsko. Stetsko headed the OUN/B-in-exile until his death in 1986. Then his widow Slava Stetsko took over that position, according to Emory. She had among her protégés not only Viktor Yushchenko but also Yulia Tymoshenko. “Yats” (Arseniy Yatsenyuk), Victoria Nuland’s anointed Prime Minister, is also affiliated with this milieu, according to Emory.

The current alleged government in Ukraine is basically just an extension of the Bandera government. When Bandera’s government went into exile it was nurtured within the bowels of Western intelligence and in particular the Republican Party and the German political establishment. Now the nurtured Bandera exiled government has been recast and projected into Ukraine.

The West is making a huge attempt to put lipstick on the Ukrainian Nazi pig. The Israelis were assured, “You have nothing to fear.” There was a meeting with the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine where he was assured there would be no anti-Semitism in the upcoming stooge regime. Because of its dependence on the U.S., Israel is going to toe the line publicly about what a bunch of “great guys” are holding forth in Ukraine. The government of Benjamin Netanyahu is the heir in many ways to the fascist element in the Zionist movement. (Not that the Zionist movement is fascist in and of itself, but it has always had a fascist component and Netanyahu is heir to that.) Emory accuses Netanyahu and members of the Likud Party of networking actively with various Euro-fascists.

500,000 Jews, Poles and others were slaughtered by the OUN/B’s Nazi and SS units. Before they were killed they received explicit assurances of safety, sanctity and protection. Emory thinks that the assurances given Israel by the current government in Ukraine have to be seen against that background.

According to Emory, 25 percent of the world’s proven natural gas reserves are in the Ukraine. But Russia’s re-absorption of Crimea has changed the game. Never forget the long history of the installing of fascist regimes in the Third World whenever transnational and particularly U.S. transnational corporations’ interests are seen as being threatened. We have not hesitated to install murderous dictatorships in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere when corporate interests were at stake. This is not all that different from what is taking place in Ukraine. Natural gas, fossil fuels and big bucks have a whole lot more to do with Ukraine than anything having to do with “democracy.”

The other side of “putting lipstick on a pig” is the ongoing demonization of Vladimir Putin. This commenced with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comparing the Russian President to Adolf Hitler. How would a President Hillary conduct diplomatic relations with Russia after having made such an insulting remark? On August 8, 2014, an opinion piece in the New York Times compared Putin to a cornered rat. [3] To help the pig win the beauty contest, you have to make Putin and Russia ugly by comparison.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Dave Emory”, Wikipedia, August 9, 2014
[2] “The Nazis Even Hitler Was Afraid of”, by George Eliason. OpEd News, March 16, 2014
[3] “Is Putin Really Cornered?”, by Andrew S. Weiss. New York Times (online), August 8, 2014


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