Strange Case of Michael Goleniewski


In many telephone conversations with the late Sherman H. Skolnick, I probed Mr. Skolnick’s historical knowledge. His understanding of hidden history is missed. Who else is there who can discuss arcane matters surrounding the disappearance of the Romanovs, supposedly murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918?

One bit of arcana delved into by Skolnick was the matter of the defection of Colonel Michael (Michal) Goleniewski (image), a Polish intelligence officer. “By a private act of Congress,” wrote Skolnick, “he [was] made a U.S. citizen and promised a sizeable pension by the American CIA. His disclosures caused the fingering of some 60 Soviet spies in the West.” (“Great Secrets Of The 20th Century – Part One,”

According to Skolnick’s report (op. cit.), the Russians, to keep mum about the survival of the Czar, had been blackmailing large sums out of the Rockefellers and their banks. (The immense fortune of the Romanovs had been kept in various banks, including Rockefeller’s.)

Mr. Skolnick, in 1974, had traveled to New York and spent two days interrogating Goleniewski. He told Skolnick about the Russian blackmail and many other things. In light of some reports suggesting the remains of Alexei Romanov have been found, Skolnick’s determinations are especially relevant. For Goleniewski had claimed to be the Tsarevich Alexei!

If Goleniewski was indeed Alexei, alive in 1974, then supposed remains of Alexei unearthed in Russia are not as they seem.

Alexei Romanov is known to have suffered from hemophilia. Based on a conversation I had with Skolnick, Alexei as a youth had had to wear leg braces. Skolnick, a victim of polio, also wore leg braces. Skolnick, among other things, mentioned how he had probed Goleniewski regarding little-known aspects of leg braces, things only someone who had once worn them would be likely to know. Goleniewski passed Skolnick’s test on the subject.

The waters are deep here. For most, having only superficial knowledge of the Romanov case (if they even have that), the matters here will be beyond their ken.

A book by Guy Richards, published in 1966, had been recommended by Skolnick. Imperial Agent; the Goleniewski-Romanov Case reportedly profiles Goleniewski and substantiates his claim to be the Romanov heir. Richards also wrote two other books on the general subject of the Romanovs: (1) The Hunt For The Czar, and (2) The Rescue Of The Romanovs.

In The Hunt For The Czar, Richards wrote that he worked for years on the Goleniewski case and discovered that, “whether or not Goleniewski was who he claimed to be [Alexei Romanov], the ‘Heckenschuetze’ network – one of the most important allies ever gained and lost by the United States and composed of many anti-Communist Russians – undoubtedly thought he was.”

Also casting doubt on the mainstream line that the Tsar and his family were all murdered in 1918 is author Shay McNeal. Her book, The Secret Plot To Save The Tsar, begins by demolishing supposed “DNA evidence” which surfaced in the 1990s purportedly proving that the Russian imperial family was murdered at Ekaterinburg in 1918. (Background: Escape of the Romanovs, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of April 28, 2014.)

The Russian Orthodox Church also doubted that the 1990s remains were those of members of the Russian Royal Family. An Interfax news report from 2007 reiterated the Church’s doubts in light of the supposed Alexei remains. “I have quite serious doubts about these remains,” stated Bishop Mark of Yegoryevsk, deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s External Church Relations department. [1]

Time magazine, on August 26, 2007, repeated the doubts about the earlier 1990s “Romanov remains.” The “doubts about the authenticity of the remains lingered to such an extent that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) performed the funeral rites without ever mentioning their names; the church simply prayed for innocent victims.” In the then developing Alexei situation, Time magazine suggested Vladimir Putin, Russian president, was playing politics with this. [2]


But truly mind-boggling is a “sidebar” claim by Skolnick. In “Great Secrets Of The 20th Century – Part One” he reported that Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator, had had an “illegitimate” son who became a U.S. Senator. Furthermore, according to Skolnick, highly respected by those who knew him, the son of that U.S. Senator is Christopher J. Dodd, himself a former U.S. Senator!

Glancing at photos of Stalin and Dodd, one is struck by the resemblance. How far did Soviet Comintern (Cominform) penetration of the West get during the 1930s and 1940s?

Here is another strange thing: In 1964, Goleniewski was subpoenaed to appear before secret sessions of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Author Guy Richards writes he had looked forward to seeing Goleniewski pinned down – one way or the other – as to whether or not he was in fact Alexei Romanov. But the most powerful member of that subcommittee was none other than Senator Thomas J. Dodd, alleged bastard son of Josef Stalin! And Dodd/Stalin’s subcommittee “finally decided not to put Goleniewski in the witness chair.” [3]

(Portions of the above first appeared at my old Conspiracy Nation web site on August 31, 2007.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Remains reopen tsar debate,” Interfax, August 26, 2007
[2] “Playing Politics with the Romanovs,” by Yuri Zarakhovich. Time magazine, August 26, 2007
[3] The Hunt For the Czar, by Guy Richards. New York: Doubleday & Company, 1970


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4 Responses to Strange Case of Michael Goleniewski

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  2. questions says:

    Is David Gonski the “Chairman of everything” in Australia really the son of Michael Goleniewski?
    We are hearing the shorter name GONSKI can be extracted from the surname GOLENIEWSKI.
    Those men DO look so extremely similar. How DID the Gonski family become unbelievably rich?
    That Polish Michael GOLENIEWSKI was taken to the USA by the CIA and then tossed out. Did he use some secret money to establish lives in many countries? money launder? Says that in the 1950s Michael was researching where to find the Tsar’s money; and Michael is the middle name that Alec Gonski gave to his son David. Multiple identities to get at all that money? The Gonski family went to Sydney in the 1960s from South Africa after Alec served in WW2 (with the Nazis?)

  3. 789 says:

    Goloniewski named a certain Henry Kissinger as soviet spy, following the war in West Germany. At the time young Henry K was in the US Army.

    Goloniewski’s handler was Philip Corso of UFO fame.

    • their FAMILY CLANS repeating FAMILY AGENDAS says:

      Victim-blaming is a tactic of bullies, and seems that many good people were wrongly blamed by the regime that grew out of the duplicitios and unethical Benito Mussolini dictatorship.
      A group established in New York. From these they spread globally and using family ties.
      They also gained numbers and spread their attack across several generation, boosting their numbers by stealing the children of their opponents. Or swapping their own babies at the labor wards of their opponents. Or inseminating the women of their opponents with their own sperm.
      Dominance and monopoly are brutal cold war activities. Goloniewski WOULD have named anyone other than himself. Most likely he blamed someone innocent to wipe-out his competition, as is the method used in Australian politics (even today).
      How many children did Wallis and David really have. Where are all the ex-husbands and the offspring ? Who and where are all their relatives today? How many of the Mussolini clan are across Australian and have assumed the top political and government placements ?
      Strict DNA sampling is essential across Australia to determine who is related to whom, and who is related to Goloniewski. How these men are related to Wallis Simpson and Mussolini is of interest.
      How she relates to the new or swapped royals is important to learn. The DNA tests don’t lie, only the administrators and technicians might. And we know the media prints whatever suits them

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