Putin Killed Robin Williams

Moscow on the Hudson (1984) Trailer

It is suspected that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be behind the tragic death of comedian Robin Williams. The beloved actor was found dead in his home on Monday after an “apparent suicide”. He was 63.

A popular Twitter hashtag, #blameputin, has not yet got around to blaming Putin for Williams’ death – but this could be imminent. Putin is unhesitatingly blamed for other things there:

  • Daily Agenda ‏@NewsAlliance Aug 10: The weather has turned awful today in Britain so #BlamePutin LOL…
  • Mark Sleboda ‏@MarkSleboda1 Aug 7: I think #blamePutin was responsible for the Gulf of Tonkin and the Sinking of the Maine too…
  • Daily Agenda ‏@NewsAlliance Aug 6: “I #BlamePutin for everything. Hell I even had bad stomach complaint today and I know it was Putin who poisoned me”

So it is not too far-fetched to see the hand of Putin as behind the death of Robin Williams.

Notably, it is the “state controlled” Russia Today which reports the death of Robin Williams as an “apparent suicide.” As if they don’t know full well what really happened!

The word coming through the grapevine is that Putin had been furious in 1984 about the Robin Williams film, “Moscow On the Hudson.” In that movie, Williams played a Soviet Russian circus musician who defects while on a visit to the United States. Putin had bided his time, nursing the hot coal of his anger into a red-hot flame of hatred.

But the Russian bear moves slowly; it waits with infinite patience.

A source working on deep background and who absolutely must not be identified has told Ersjdamoo, via a coded message left inside an old hollow tree stump drop site, that Robin Williams had been secretly working on a new movie, tentatively titled, “Kiev on the Volga”, dealing with the current situation in Ukraine. It is suspected the planned film was to imply that Putin had made a secret treaty with representatives of “Kepler-186f”, an earth-sized planet located in the “habitable zone” of a “red dwarf” star approximately 500 light-years from earth. (Further background: Russia Allied With Extraterrestrials, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 26, 2014.)

This was the last straw! Putin ordered a secret team of Cossacks to ride their horses to the home of Robin Williams and assassinate him. “Make it look like a suicide,” they were told.

And what is President Barack Obama doing in the midst of this latest outrage? He is out playing golf! Shocking.

Robin Williams was about to blow the lid off the whole shebang, including secret treaties with Kepler-186f, ancient archaeological finds being unearthed by the “fracking”, and the truth about Russia in the antediluvian past. For this reason, as well as Putin’s bitter resentment about “Moscow on the Hudson”, the command went out from the bowels of the Kremlin: Williams must be silenced! Permanently!

(The above is a satire and is not meant literally.)


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