Spelling War Intensifies

OSCE/Red Cross and Humanitarian Convoy

“Russia and Ukraine appear again to be teetering on the verge of direct combat”, writes Steve LeVine at something called “Quartz”. What is “Quartz”? I had never heard of it. What is “Vox”? I had never heard of it either, and then suddenly Vox and Quartz appeared in Google/Yahoo news feeds.

It is all very mysterious, like the current heating up of the spelling wars. On one side, the spelling is “Luhansk”; on the other side, the spelling is “Lugansk.” That is the city in eastern Ukraine to which the “Trojan Horse” convoy is directed. (Background: “Trojan Horse” Approaches Ukraine Border, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of August 14, 2014.)

Steve LeVine does not use the tell-tale “Luhansk” spelling in his report for the Quarts/Quartz. But that is just because he does not mention the city at all. However there is the Kiev/Kyiv punctilio in LeVine’s report. Depending on how you spell the headquarter city of the Poroshenko regime, this shows which side you are on. If you spell it “Kiev”, then you are siding with Vladimir Putin and the Russians. If you spell it “Kyiv”, then you are siding with Petro Poroshenko and his putsch government. LeVine of Quarts/Quartz spells it “Kyiv”, so – aha! – we know which side he is on.

Believe me when I tell you that such grammar niceties can become extremely heated. I myself once almost went to war over a semicolon. This did happen! A disagreement between myself and a professor over use of a semicolon once pushed things right to the brink: “Sir, here I take my stand.” (It ended up that we both withdrew from the field with honor after a compromise appeared.)

I am seeing an escalation of the spelling intransigence lately in the reports about the Ukraine crisis, with both sides increasingly digging in. And this could be more than just the latest “big fuss.” (The “big fuss” arrives weekly, then disappears. Last week it was the Hamas/Israel confrontation; this week it is the police/protester confrontation in Ferguson, Missouri.)

It is about time someone did some good conspiracy theorizing about the Ukraine imbroglio. The Amazing Sorcha Faal takes a stab at it in Putin Issues Global War Order Against Obama Regime. The Ukraine conflict, reports Faal, has been started to “cover-up the West’s impending economic collapse.” [2] This would mean that the Ben Bernanke helicopters of cash solution has failed and someone else needs to be blamed. The obvious solution is to “Blame Putin”, as in the popular twitter hashtag of that name. (Background: Putin Killed Robin Williams, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of August 12, 2014.)

So let’s just say that’s it, that the escalating Ukraine tensions coincide with a global economic failure impossible to hide any more. What to do with a “lost generation” of 20-somethings who cannot find decent work in Europe and the United States? Answer: You sacrifice them upon the altar of war. You might say, “No way, people will not stand for it. They will refuse to serve.” But notice how easily the herd is shuttled each week from crisis to crisis: Last week it was Hamas/Israel; this week it is Ferguson, Missouri. The weekly “big fuss” scheme is already adept at herding the mob from one scene to the next. One day, they will be herded off to Ukraine.

In Trailing the Bolsheviki, author Carl William Ackerman wrote about how he had followed the trail of the Bolsheviki over 12,000 miles in Russia, “from Vladivostok to Ekaterinburg, where the Tzar is believed to have been done to death…” In 1919, when Ackerman’s book was published, the two sides were (1) the Bolsheviki who believed that you must first raze the world before you rebuild it; and (2) the “League of Nations [which] proposes to accept the world as it is and attempt through mutual discussion and exchange of ideas to rebuild, reconstruct, and revitalize it.” [3]

So the two sides, in this theory of things, wanted to either (1) destroy things and then rebuild them; or (2) accept things as they are and try to improve them. With the Bernanke helicopters of cash having failed, option 1 at the moment has moved to the foreground.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Russia and Ukraine seem closer than ever to direct combat”, by Steve LeVine. Quartz, August 15, 2014
[2] “Putin Issues Global War Order Against Obama Regime”, by Sorcha Faal. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1791.htm
[3] Trailing the Bolsheviki, by Carl William Ackerman. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1919.


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