The Tsar Killed JFK?

George and Jeanne de Mohrenschildt – Lee Harvey Oswalds Russian friends in Fort Worth, TX.

On October 18, 1963, Life magazine printed a story, “The Case of a new Anastasia.” Someone named Eugenia Smith had surfaced, claiming to be the surviving Anastasia Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia. (Background: How the Tsar Escaped, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of August 22, 2014.)

A later issue of Life magazine, November 8, 1963, in its Letters to the Editors, included reader reaction to the October 18th story. Gleb Botkin, son of the court physician “who was slain with the [Romanov] family”, wrote that Eugenia Smith’s account of what happened on July 16-17, 1918 “is preposterous.” Gleb Botkin next mentioned the case of Anna Anderson, another who claimed to be Anastasia: “In 1957 the court’s own expert and President of the Society of German Anthropologists, Dr. Otto Reche [Reehe?], concluded that on purely scientific grounds the true identity of Grand Duchess Anastasia had to be regarded as proved beyond doubt. The court’s graphological expert reached the same conclusion.”

Also in the November 8th Letters to the Editors, Elizabeth Judas wrote, “My husband was a member of the czar’s secret service and arrived at Ekaterinburg only a few hours too late to save the imperial family. But Anastasia was saved, married Alexey von Chaikovsky and had a son, Alexander. In 1942 I learned that Anastasia died in January 1920.”

Lt. Colonel Michal Goleniewski of Poland was a top-ranking member of  the “Heckenschuetze” network – one of the most important allies ever gained and lost by the United States and composed of many anti-Communist Russians. [1]

Goleniewski claimed to be in fact Alexei Romanov, the heir to the Russian throne. He was one of three people ultimately in charge of the Heckenschuetze network. The Heckenschuetze network was known also as the Secret Circle. Surrounding and protecting the Secret Circle was the “White Guard”. [2]

The “White Guard” sounds a lot like the “White Russians”. The Dallas-Fort Worth community of Soviet and Eastern European emigres – referred to as “White Russians” – took Lee Harvey Oswald and his family under their wing when they arrived from the USSR in May 1962. [3]

In 1959, an ultra-secret spy plane, the U2, flew at such a great altitude it could penetrate Soviet airspace without apparent fear of being shot down. Onboard the plane was the latest photo technology, allowing the pilot to take detailed photographs of the ground way below. At a signals intelligence (sigint) station at Atsugi, Japan, 17-year-old Marine Corps private Lee Harvey Oswald was a well-trained functionary. The Soviet KGB was eager to learn all it could about the U2. But the Americans plotted to outsmart the KGB: through use of the MK-Ultra mind altering technique, a separate “compartment” was established in the mind of Lee Harvey Oswald. The name given to Oswald’s alter-ego was Alek James Hidell. Oswald subsequently “defected” to the Soviet Union and gave them disinformation about the U2 when interrogated. Subjected to truth serum and advanced psychological probing, Oswald did not “crack.” He was impervious to attempts to determine if he might be a double agent. The truth was tucked away in a separate “compartment” of Lee Harvey Oswald’s mind which the Soviets did not detect. [4]

Oswald had not really defected to the USSR. When he returned to the United States, among his natural anti-Communist allies would have been the White Russians. They guarded the imperial family, including Alexei Romanov, a.k.a. Lt. Colonel Michal Goleniewski. When Goleniewski had defected to the United States in 1961, he “came with a lot of goodwill” and “was received like a dog”, he told Eugenia Smith, who was pretending to be his sister Anastasia. Goleniewski’s defecting was kept secret from the public until 1964. And who was the U.S. President presiding over Goleniewski’s shabby treatment? It was President John F. Kennedy. JFK may not have been aware of the poor handling of the Goleniewski defection. But isn’t it interesting how JFK signed a nuclear test ban treaty around the same time that Eugenia Smith as “Anastasia” appeared in Life magazine.

One of the covers for the JFK assassination was a backup plan to blame Soviet Communists if the Warren Commission story didn’t pass scrutiny. But lurking behind the Communist potential patsies were fervent Russian anti-Communists. Where does Lee Harvey Oswald go when he returns to the U.S. after his supposed defection? He goes to the White Russians in Dallas/Fort Worth. (Later Oswald was “sheep dipped” when he pretended to be a Communist.)

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Lately this saying has been resurrected in regard to the ISIS, ISIL, IS situation in northern Iraq. (Why not just call them IS_ILL?) Since Syria has been battling the IS_ILL already, “why not ally with Bashar Assad” is the thinking. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thinking may have led to an alliance between escaped Nazis in the United States and the White Russians. Both sides hated the Communists. When JFK signed a test ban treaty with the Soviets, that might have been “the last straw.” Already there were bitter feelings about how the surviving Tsarevich, Michal Goleniewski, had been treated. This all is just “wondering aloud”, but suppose it boils down to this: The Tsar Killed JFK?

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