Tsar Loses A Tooth


Lt. Colonel Michal Goleniewski of Poland was a top-ranking member of  the “Heckenschuetze” network – one of the most important allies ever gained and lost by the United States and composed of many anti-Communist Russians. Goleniewski defected to the United States in 1961. Besides his rock-solid intelligence on the Soviets, he also revealed something astonishing: Goleniewski claimed to be the surviving Tsarevich Alexei Romanov! (Background: How the Tsar Escaped, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of August 22, 2014.)

The defecting Goleniewski arrived in the United States in January 1961. Soon thereafter, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) told him, “You have a bad tooth. It has to be removed and replaced with a pivot tooth.”

A CIA agent went with Goleniewski to the dentist’s office. The dentist put Goleniewski under. While the Polish defector and presumed Tsar was unconscious, the CIA man took off Goleniewski’s shoes and socks and recorded “sole prints” from the bottoms of his feet. When Goleniewski regained consciousness, his shoes and socks were back on.

Sole prints of the Tsarevich Alexei Romanov had earlier been obtained in 1909 during an imperial visit to London. The sole prints, as well as fingerprints and handprints, verified that Michal Goleniewski was indeed Alexei Nicholaevich Romanov.

In connection with this identification, two agents of the British Secret Service flew to Washington. They had with them a Victoria Cross. These two agents “played stupid” and tried to award the deep-cover defector the Victoria Cross under the name “Michal Goleniewski”, and not under the name “Alexei Romanov.” Goleniewski (Alexei) indignantly refused the award.


Lord Louis Mountbatten of Britain (image) was allegedly behind the refusal to publicly acknowledge the newly-surfaced Alexei Romanov (Michal Goleniewski). Mountbatten was a first cousin of the Tsarevich (now presumably Tsar since Tsar Nicholas II had died in 1952). The mothers of Mountbatten and Alexei Romanov had been sisters. Why didn’t Mountbatten embrace his resurrected cousin, apparently verified by sole prints, fingerprints, etc.? Perhaps Britain has something to hide in all this. Whatever the case, in tandem with Michal Goleniewski’s refusing to accept the Victoria Cross under any name other than Alexei Romanov, a “high British official” ordered all proof of Goleniewski’s true identity to be removed from Foreign Office and British Secret Service files and placed in a special depository.

While getting settled into his new home, a CIA “safe house” in Virginia, in 1961, Goleniewski asked CIA for help in locating his sister, Anastasia. He later gave CIA some leads he had on where his sister might be. But CIA seemed unable to help. Two years dragged by. Then at last, apropos of nothing, CIA casually mentioned to Goleniewski that “Anastasia” had been found, living under the name “Eugenia Smith.”

SUSPECTED: That Eugenia Smith starring as the long-lost Anastasia was a special production brought to you by our friends at CIA. The finding of “Anastasia” was casually revealed to Goleniewski in January 1963. Later, Life magazine published a story about Eugenia Smith. (Author Guy Richards gives the publication date as October 14, 1963. My research has it as October 18, 1963.)

By this time Allen Dulles had been replaced as Director of CIA (DCIA) by John McCone. Michal Goleniewski wrote a long letter to McCone, carefully explaining his situation, on April 26, 1963. At the time, Goleniewski also told CIA he would be writing a similar letter to President John F. Kennedy. This news sent CIA into a panic. In May 1963, Congressman Mike Feighan got wind of the Michal Goleniewski affair. Feighan and two associates visited Goleniewski at his new domicile in New York City. One of these two associates was Colonel Philip Corso, which name rings a bell. Corso later wrote a book, The Day After Roswell, dealing with the mysterious crash of an unidentified aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Corso claimed that the U.S. Army had “reverse engineered” technology from alien artifacts found at Roswell. In 1963, Corso had met with Goleniewski, both accompanied by Congressman Feighan and then later privately. Corso apparently never revealed his inside knowledge about the Michal Goleniewski case.

(Source: Imperial Agent, by Guy Richards. New York: Devin-Adair, 1966)


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