U.S. Naval Intelligence Assisted Romanov Escape


Hugh “Hugo” William Koehler was appointed U.S. Naval Attaché at Warsaw, Poland in 1922. There, Tsar Nicholas II worked with General Jozef Pilsudski, hero of Poland. They and their underground network supported the White Army in Russia and its remains, which combatted the Red Army. (The symbolism of colors originated from the French Revolution: red was the color of revolutionaries; white was the color of Bourbon loyalists.) Also present in Warsaw around the time of the Tsar’s arrival was Sidney Reilly, the “Ace of Spies.” Hugo Koehler had been assigned as U.S. Naval Attaché at Warsaw partly due to his previous acquaintance with the Russian Imperial Family. Koehler had been one of the American agents directly involved with the rescue of the Tsar and his family after the supposed “mass execution” of July 1918.

Also in Warsaw around the time of Koehler’s assignment as Naval Attaché was Archbishop Giovanni Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII. Pacelli sometimes conferred with Hugo Koehler. And Koehler, a junior-level Naval officer, for some reason later used to have lunch at Buckingham Palace with British Royals.

You may not have heard of Mother Pascalina Lehnert. She was the governess and close confidante of Pope Pius XII. Sister Pascalina Lehnert told a Peruvian monk she had met the Grand Duchesses Olga and Maria at the Vatican where Pope Pius XII received them secretly and gave them money. [1] But the Grand Duchesses Olga and Maria had all been killed at the supposed “mass execution” of July 1918. So here we have another of many contradictions regarding what really happened.

Sergius M. Riis was the nephew of Jacob A. Riis, crusading reporter for the New York Sun newspaper. Sergius Riis joined the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) circa 1907.

On his deathbed in February 1963, Sergius Riis received a telephone call from his friend Jon Speller, of Robert Speller & Sons book publishers. That publisher had just received an “Anastasia” manuscript from Mrs. Eugenia Smith, who was one of several persons who claimed to be the surviving Grand Duchess Anastasia. In the course of the telephone chat between Riis and Speller, Speller mentioned the manuscript he had received from Mrs. Eugenia Smith:

   RIIS: You say she [Eugenia Smith] claims to have escaped, but that the others were all murdered?
   SPELLER: That’s right.
   RIIS: Then she’s a fake… none of them were murdered.

Like Hugo Koehler, Sergius Riis went to Poland. Riis was sent there in the late 1920s, after Koehler had left. Sergius Riis became a protégé of General Pilsudski. Like Hugo Koehler, Sergius Riis was later often invited to Buckingham Palace. Here again we have a junior-level Naval officer who somehow became well acquainted with the British Royals. Sergius also, throughout his career, was associated with Allen Dulles, eventual CIA Director.

Admiral Newton A. McCully was the supervising ONI agent for Koehler and Riis. All three of these men spoke Russian. All three were in the vicinity of Ekaterinburg at the time of the supposed “mass execution” of July 1918. (Riis and Koehler were more than “in the vicinity”: they were directly assigned to the rescue operation for the Tsar and his family.) Koehler and Riis were both later assigned to Warsaw, center of the Pilsudski-Romanov-Winston Churchill anti-Communist underground.

Sergius Riis remained in Warsaw well into the 1930s. After the death of General Pilsudski in 1935, the Polish underground continued its operations. The Tsarina Alexandra had died in 1924, so Tsar Nicholas II may well have sought a new wife. A son born from such a marriage, Michal Goleniewski, may have in fact been the Tsarevich, given that the Tsarevich Alexei was sickly from hemophilia and could have died young. In 1956, the Polish underground came close to pulling off its own “Hungarian insurrection”, in tandem with the one in Budapest. And from this same Polish underground, late in 1960, emerged the defector Michal Goleniewski, who disconcerted the CIA by claiming to be the Tsarevich. Later, in 1980, the Polish underground could have played a role in the Solidarity movement which first inserted the wedge which cracked the Soviet Union. And now, as of this writing, Donald Tusk, a prime minister of Poland, is about to become the next president of the European Union.

Poland, home of the Pilsudski-Romanov-Winston Churchill anti-Communist underground, has its own Donald Tusk as European Union President, beginning December 1, 2014. Also in Poland, NATO maneuvers are due to take place throughout the autumn of 2014. This is to be a “major exercise.” [2] Elsewhere, a “multi-front war” has been underway  against Syria. [3] “Picture a box with four sides. Fighting on 1 side is one front. Fighting on two sides of the box is fighting on two fronts. Three sides of the box is 3 fronts, four sides of the box (surrounded) is fighting on four fronts. Two or more fronts is a multi front war.” [4] A “multi-front war” could also entail wars against Russia on two fronts: Poland and Syria. [5]

——- Sources ——-
[1] The Lost Romanov Icon and the Enigma of Anastasia, by Carlos Mundy and Marie Stravlo. Available as a Kindle e-book. See also http://forum.alexanderpalace.org/index.php?topic=6.300;wap2
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[5] Much of the material above on the Polish underground network assisted by the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence and its relation to the escape of the Romanovs comes from the book, The Rescue of the Romanovs, by Guy Richards. Devin-Adair, 1975


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