CIA Releases "Treasure Trove"

Trailer: Kill the Messenger

Arr, matey, the CIA has released a treasure trove! Let us go to the site and feast on the swag!

On September 18, 2014 the CIA “released a trove of documents spanning three decades of secret government operations,” reported The Intercept. [1]

The CIA has declassified and released nearly 250 documents and posted them on the CIA’s website, reported Mother Jones magazine. “Published over four decades, they offer a fascinating peek at the history of US intelligence as well as the corporate culture of ‘the Company.'” [2]

And Mother Jones had provided a treasure map (a link) which could guide Long John Silver and myself, the “matey”, to the treasure trove so we could feast our eyes on the swag!

But when we followed the link, it told us, “404 Page Not Found.” Had Billy Bones got there before us, and absconded with the treasure trove?

“Arr, matey, do a search here,” ordered Long John. “Try ‘declassified articles.’ Try ‘Gary Webb.'”

But nothing about the treasure trove could be found. The “Gary Webb” search came back with, “No results were found using the specified search criteria.”

Relying on the Mother Jones report, one of the CIA treasure trove documents was about this “Gary Webb,” a famous buccaneer of the San Jose Mercury News. Webb had gone after his own treasure, and CIA didn’t like that. So CIA rounded up a fierce gang of one-legged seamen bearing parrots on their shoulders. “Get this Webb, ye swabs!” ordered CIA. “There’ll be gold doubloons in it for ye all! But if ye fail, then beware the Black Spot!”

Long story short, the CIA’s one-legged seamen went after Gary Webb and left him without legs when they destroyed his career. Later, Webb was found dead, with TWO Black Spots – two bullet holes to the brain. Then the one-legged seamen made up a story that Webb had shot himself twice in the head. But among the pirates’ lore it is whispered, “‘Tweren’t no suicide. Arr, ’twas the Black Spot given twice, matey. Dead men tell no tales.”

And now a movie version of this amazing tale confirmed by the treasure trove of CIA documents is being brought to the (long john) silver screen. And matey, I am here to tell you, the story is basically true! A swashbuckling tale about Gary Webb’s last adventure, “Kill the Messenger”, is scheduled for release on October 10, 2014. Director of Central Intelligence William Casey and U.S. Attorney General William French Smith allowed cocaine to flow unchecked into the United States. A renegade pirate crew flew their ships down to Nicaragua bearing pistols and cutlasses for reckless characters there. And in Nicaragua, the reckless characters loaded up the flying ships of the pirate crew with tons of cocaine for the return trip. Some say a secret member of the CIA gang, “Slick Willy” Clinton of Arkansas, was heavily involved. A story has even been told about “Slick Willy” smoking marijuana in a van with Bill Casey, but that part is a lie. What really happened was that “Slick Willy” smoked the pot in a van while Terry Reed, one of the pirate crew, watched. Another of the pirate crew, Adler Berriman Seal, going by the nickname “Barry Seal”, flew his ship, a C-123 transport plane, out of an infamous airport facility in Mena, Arkansas. Later, Barry Seal was murdered by a different bunch of pirates, Colombian assassins for the Medellín Cartel. How much of all this will be told in the upcoming movie, “Kill the Messenger”, remains to be seen. But even old pirates may arouse themselves enough to journey to the theater and relive their former days of adventure.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Managing a Nightmare: The CIA Reveals How It Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb”, by Ryan Devereaux. The Intercept, September 25, 2014.
[2] “10 Fascinating Articles From the CIA’s Secret Employee Magazine”, by Dave Gilson, Michael Mechanic, Alex Park, and AJ Vicens. Mother Jones magazine, September 19, 2014.


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