Startling New Anastasia Evidence


Veniamin Alexeyev is a famous Soviet and Russia historian, Doctor of Historical Sciences, founder of the Institute of History and Archaeology of the RAS branch in the Urals and its Head in 1988-2013. [1] On March 2, 2014, Britain’s Daily Mail reported that Alexeyev’s latest book, Who are you, Ms Tchaikovskaya?, claimed DNA testing conducted in 1991 on supposed Romanov remains was flawed. [2]

The Romanovs are, in other words, Tsar Nicholas II, the Tsarina Alexandra, and their children. Beginning in 1919 Nicholas A. Sokolov began to fabricate a “mass murder in the cellar” story in order to increase the safety of some or all of the Russian imperial family. If the Romanovs were believed to be dead, then it would be less likely they would be pursued by enemies. (Background: Major New Thread in Tsar Mystery, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 11, 2014.)

Reportedly, Veniamin Alekseyev says Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna probably did escape, along with her sisters Olga, Marie and Tatiana, as well as the Tsarina Alexandra. [2] At this point Alekseyev’s book seems not to be available in an English-language version.

Veniamin Alekseyev “believes that the Grand Duchess Anastasia did indeed flee to the West and says he has new evidence to prove it.” The “lost princess” was Anna Anderson (image at top), claims the Russian historian. (Anna Anderson was also known as Mrs. Tschaikovsky and Mrs. Manahan.) [2]

Newly released documents from the Russian State Archive helped convince Alekseyev that at least the female members of the Russian imperial family did not die on July 17, 1918. Other archived Romanov documents, still secret, are due for release in 2018, the 100-year anniversary of the apparent disappearance of the Tsar and his family. [2]

Alekseyev’s book “builds on the theory of eminent French historian Marc Ferro that the German-born empress Alexandra along with the imperial couple’s four daughters were saved.” [2]

Marc Ferro has authored several books. He specializes in Russian history and the history of the cinema. [3] The relevant book in regard to the escape of the Tsar’s wife and daughters is apparently, La verite sur la tragedie des Romanov (The Romanov Tragedy: The Truth), published in French in October 2012.

Veniamin Alekseyev, author of Who are you, Ms Tchaikovskaya?, was a member of the Russian government commission which investigated the authenticity of bones purporting to be those of the royals. It is therefore especially interesting that Alekseyev “became convinced Nicholas II’s remains had been found, but he is far less certain about Grand Duchess Anastasia’s.” [4]

“On the basis of the archive documents discovered, and new Russian and foreign evidence I have seen since 1991 as a scientist, I have reasons to believe the royal family’s fate is not as certain as it has been believed for almost 100 years,” stated Alekseyev. [4]

Alekseyev argues against the sole reliance on DNA testing of remains discovered near Ekaterinburg. “Historians have ignored archive documents that cast considerable doubt over this version,” he said. [4]

“Leading French historian Marc Ferro has long argued that the wife of Nicholas II and the imperial couple’s daughters were saved. Documents in Vatican archives are said to support this.” [4]

——- Sources ——-
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6 Responses to Startling New Anastasia Evidence

  1. teresa says:

    I wish this book was published in english. I would buy it in an instant! I grew up in charlottesville and remember seeing Anna and her husband driving around in an old car and him coming in the restaurant my family owned while anna waited in the car. I believe she was who she claimed to be.

    • Jennifer Lee says:

      I live in Washington, DC and also knew people who knew her. Ellie Wilson who owned the Town and Country dress shop in Charlottesville, VA also knew the Manahan family. Jack used to bring Anastasia to her shop to buy clothing and she wore furs in the heat of summer! From all I have read, I feel the DNA testing was flawed and should be repeated.

  2. Morris Lee says:

    Anastasia fled across Siberia, China, the Philippines, Australia and finally to New Paris Indiana, USA, where she was often seen in the enclaves of Notre Dame University. Check out:

    For details.

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