Boodts Says Diaries Fake


Naomi Wolf, author and former political consultant for Al Gore, calls it “fear porn.” This term was used by Wolf in relation to the ISIS beheading videos. The current “fear porn” is in regard to the Ebola virus. What will the next “fear porn” be? (Background: Another Defection By Mainstream Writer, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 7, 2014.)

Expect nothing big until around Christmas, when “they” often sneak things through. Ersjdamoo is not surfing this latest Ebola “fear porn” wave. Others, concerned more with the number of visits to their web sites than with the truth, can do as they wish. For now I choose to focus on the still unsolved mystery of what happened to Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, and their children.

And so Ersjdamoo has been assembling various puzzle pieces of the mystery of the vanished Tsar. It may be I will never finally solve the Jigsaw Puzzle of the Tsar, but at least the puzzle pieces will be out there and maybe someday the mystery will be solved.

The puzzle piece now being explored is called “Marga Boodts.” Circa 1960, she claimed to be the still living Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia. Her autobiography was not finally published until 36 years after her death in 1976: Estoy Viva (I Am Alive) emerged in Spain in 2012.

One thing claimed by Marga/Olga in her book is that purported personal diaries of her father Nicholas and her mother Alexandra are fakes. “I cannot do more than weep, weep with painful anger, upon recalling with astonished eyes a presumed and ridiculous diary of my father, when I know that he never wrote it…”, Marga/Olga writes. The purported Nicholas diary apparently claims that, on the journey of the arrested Russian imperial family from Tsarskoye Selo to Tobolsk, they traveled under luxurious conditions, with sleeping cars, dining cars, and first class compartments. In fact, Marga/Olga writes, on the train to Tobolsk they traveled second-class. “My God, how different was the reality! Everything has been twisted and falsified!” [1]

A purported 1918 diary of Alexandra Feodorovna was “declassified” in the 1990s [2]. As for any earlier diaries supposed to be extant, Marga/Olga writes that she helped to personally burn said diaries while the family was under house arrest at Tsarskoye Selo. The family reportedly burned these diaries and other papers for fear they would be used against them as evidence by the revolutionaries. “I have recorded this detail, perhaps of little importance, but necessary in order to categorically give the lie to those who have published, in books and magazines, presumed paragraphs from the ‘diary’ of the Tsarina.” [1]


“Lili Dehn knows plenty. She says Anna Anderson is the real McCoy.” [3] Lili Dehn, or Lili von Dehn (image 1914), was the wife of a Russian naval officer and a friend to Tsarina Alexandra. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Dehn wrote a biography, The Real Tsaritsa, to refute rumors that were circulating in Europe during the 1920s about the Tsarina and Grigori Rasputin. [4] Reportedly, in Dehn’s book, she wrote that Alexandra burned all of her diaries. But some claim Alexandra didn’t burn all her diaries. [5]

Marga/Olga also claims in her posthumously published book that Dr. Eugene Botkin, personal physician to the royal family, vanished at Tsarskoye Selo and did not die during the fabled “mass murder in the cellar” at Ekaterinburg. Dr. Botkin most likely was killed in St. Petersburg by the revolutionaries, believed the alleged Olga Nikolaevna. Dr. Botkin reportedly was replaced at Tsarskoye Selo by “a strange and mysterious doctor named Friderenski.” [1]


Elsewhere, on the DNA evidence frontier, comes yet further news that the mighty “DNA evidence” can be wrong. Involved this time is a book, Naming Jack the Ripper, which had used DNA to attempt another of these magical “case closed” situations. This time it was not a “Polish factory worker” (as in the case of Anna Anderson) who was involved but a “Polish barber”, Aaron Kosminski. He was said to have been positively identified as the culprit in the Whitechapel murders of 1888 to 1891. But oops! Here we go again, there was an “error of nomenclature,” and the Ripper case remains open. [6]

Disputed DNA evidence was used to attempt a “case closed” on the mystery of the vanished Russian imperial family. (Background: Paving Over the Truth of the Tsar, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 19, 2014.)

——- Sources ——-
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  2. ChatNoir says:

    You forget to mention that Marga Boodts was expelled from France already in the 30’s for impersonating a Grand Duchess.

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