The Ice Age Cometh

Long John Silver’s Return to Treasure Island (1954) Trailer

Arr, matey. ‘Twere in the Me Decade when the stargazers met and decided the termination of the Holocene bee imminent. ‘Twas then that came the global temperature increasing, and the cycles of old Milankovitch bee tossed aside.

Arr, matey, (said the old buccaneer), if I don’t have a drain o’ rum, Ersjdamoo, I’ll have the horrors. I seen some on ’em already. I seen old Flint in the corner there, behind you; as plain as print, I seen him; and if I get the horrors, I’m a man that has lived rough, and I’ll raise Cain.

All I could find were some old cans of Blatz beer. “This will have to do,” I said.

Now where were I? (said the old buccaneer as he quaffed down a warm Blatz). Aye, ’twas after they made old Milankovitch walk the plank. ‘Twere then that Ben Gunn, he that were marooned on the treasure island for three years, comes to me and says, “You’re a good fellow, Billy Bones,” he said; “and you’re all in a clove hitch, ain’t you? Well, you just put your trust in Ben Gunn — Ben Gunn’s the man to do it.” And old Ben Gunn went to his secret cave and came back with Global Climate Modeling. And that were our new way of doing things, what with old Milankovitch gone.

And so that is how it happened: In the 1970s (the Me Decade), a coming ice age was expected. “But soon it was observed that global temperature was increasing and at about this time Global Climate Modeling GCM received more attention and the Milankovitch analogue was forgotten.” [1]

In the 1970s, the climatologists had been relying on the Milankovitch cycles to spot patterns which helped them predict temperature trends. But when the temperatures began to get warmer instead of colder, the Milankovitch analogue fell from favor and Global Climate Modeling (using computers to hypothesize various scenarios) was the new thing. (Further background: Curséd, Damnable Cold Expected, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, November 23, 2014.)

But slowly the Global Climate Modeling degenerated into a discussion amongst super-computers, with only some input coming from the human brain. This happened despite the fact, stated Víctor Manuel Velasco Herrera, an investigator with the Geophysics Institute of Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM), that “there does not exist in nature a better super-computer, more perfect and powerful, than our own brain.” [2]

Another take on what went wrong with the Global Climate Modeling super-computer approach suggests the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Uncertainties were introduced by the observers themselves, in this case their input into the super-computers. It was “Garbage in, garbage out,” an elementary computer science maxim which the scientists seemed not to know. Overall, one commentator described what then followed as, “When the politicians and entrepreneurs decided to make it their business, they aligned with some scientists and told them, ‘You have to show that we are in a global warming situation and the future is very bleak’. And the scientists accordingly collected selected data which was input into the super-computers which made it possible to yield the desired result. The data which scientists not in the global warming camp collected was not input into the super-computers and those scientists were excluded from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and were called ‘skeptics’, ‘heretics’, etcetera.” [2]

Politicians and entrepreneurs decided to make it their business, wrote the above commentator. But what was “their business”? In part it was Carbon Trading. “Carbon trading is now the fastest-growing commodities market on earth,” wrote Mark Schapiro in the February 2010 issue of Harper’s magazine. Because there are limits imposed on how much carbon various countries can spew, companies can “offset” the limits by purchasing “futures”. Certifying that various futures offsets offered on the commodities market are genuine is a crucial part of the process. It turns out that the United Nations bears responsibility for scrutinizing the offsets. “Never before has the United Nations presided over the issuing of securities…” The carbon offset futures are “unlike any securities ever created…” [3]

You can see how any real science gets lost in all this: The politicians want to augment the power of the United Nations; the United Nations presides over the issuance of valuable securities; some scientists desire grant monies and career enhancement and they play along; and the Cult of Kali (the mainstream “news”) sows confusion and masquerades as the true sages. (Background: King Ashoka and the Nine Unknown Men, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 1, 2014.)

It is all the latest version of Treasure Island, with power and riches galore to be had for the taking. “Come, Bill, you know me; you know an old shipmate, Bill, surely,” said the stranger. The captain made a sort of gasp. “Black Dog!” said he.

——- Sources ——-
[2] “Científicos de la UNAM: El actual enfriamiento global es la introducción a la siguiente era glacial”, April 22, 2013.
[3] “Conning the Climate”, by Mark Schapiro. Harper’s magazine, February 2010.


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