Real-Life Rocky In Russia

Russia: Check out Mickey Rourke gearing up for his return to the ring

In the 2006 movie, Rocky Balboa, the aging “Italian Stallion” returns once more to the boxing ring and manages to “go the distance.” Sylvester Stallone, who stars as the Philadelphia boxer, explained to controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh that he wanted to show in part that one’s age need not be a totally limiting factor. Stallone, born July 6, 1946, was 60-years-old in December 2006 when the Rocky Balboa movie was released.

It would seem the Rocky Balboa movie requires somewhat of a “suspension of disbelief.” A 60-year-old man takes on the undisputed world heavyweight champion and almost wins in a split-decision? Even though the movie is enjoyable, how many 60-year-olds would really do so well against a much younger opponent in the boxing ring?

And yet now, amazingly, a real-life Rocky situation has emerged in Russia. American actor Mickey Rourke, at the age of 62, knocked down 29-year-old Elliot Seymour twice, before the referee stopped the fight in the second round! Bookmakers expected Seymour, the former California Golden Gloves champion, to win despite his losing nine of his ten fights, but he barely landed any blows on Rourke. [1]

In another of the popular series of Rocky movies, Rocky IV, the likeable underdog Rocky Balboa goes to Russia and defeats their top boxer, Ivan Drago, an immensely muscular 6-foot 5, 261-pound Soviet boxer. The boxing fans in the then-Soviet Union are slowly won over to Rocky, and by the end of the match are shouting, “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!” In another parallel to the Rocky movies, the crowd at the real-life Rourke-Seymour match were chanting “Misha” – a nickname for Mikhail, a Russian variant of the name Michael – as Rourke faced Seymour. [1]

Russia: “I met Putin, he seemed like a really ok guy” says Mickey Rourke

In the Rocky IV movie, an embarrassed look-alike of Mikhail Gorbachev hurriedly leaves the audience when his guy, Ivan Drago, loses to Rocky Balboa. This Rocky IV movie premiered in 1985, a time of Cold War tensions between the United States (Rocky) and the then-Soviet Union (Ivan Drago, Drago obviously meaning “Dragon”). Rocky’s win against Drago is a great victory for the good old American way. But what does it mean when a real-life Rocky, Mickey Rourke, states before the fight, “I met Putin, he seemed like a really ok guy”? Nyet! Nyet! must be screaming the U.S. Politburo. Now it is they who must make an embarrassed exit from acknowledging Mickey Rourke’s heroic effort.

Mickey Rourke is not alone in the category of American martial arts heroes who have taken a liking to Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the weekend of August 9-10, 2014, Steven Seagal, the Aikido expert and star of such films as Under Siege (1992) and Above the Law (1988) played a concert in the Crimean peninsula, appearing on a stage adorned with the flag of pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine. In a March 2014 interview with a Russian newspaper, Seagal was quoted as saying that President Vladimir Putin’s desire to protect Russians in Crimea was completely reasonable. (Background: Steven Seagal Pressured by Feds, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 19, 2014.)

From Reset to Cold War 2? Resolution against Russia passed in US House

First Steven Seagal and now Mickey Rourke were openly dissing the mighty U.S. Politburo! This was intolerable! And so, our beloved U.S. Congress countered by issuing a lengthy non-binding resolution which absolutely, positively, and categorically declares Vladimir Putin to be Wicked-Evil. On December 5, 2014 the U.S. House passed Res. 758, billed as a resolution “strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin…” [2]

A one-sided view of complex matters, Resolution 758 already finds Russia guilty of the Flight MH-17 crash, even though that is supposedly still being investigated. Russia is accused of invading Ukraine, but Russian troops there cannot be found. (How do you invade without soldiers?) The resolution singles out Russian state-funded media outlets, such as Russia Today, for attack. (But why not at least listen to the Russian perspective?) “There are too many more ridiculous and horrific statements in this legislation to completely discuss,” writes former congressman Ron Paul. [2]

What is next? Will aging Russian boxers journey to the United States and have bouts against younger opponents, then say the U.S. State Department is a swell bunch? Will Hillary Clinton travel to Russia to take part in a roller derby while the crowd shouts, “Hilly! Hilly! Hilly!”? Will Barack Obama hunt Siberian tigers with only a bow and arrows? Will Rudy Giuliani dress up as Count Dracula and terrify an aging Ivan Drago? Whatever it is, you can be sure that the spirit of P.T. Barnum will be offstage saying, “Never underestimate the stupidity of the US Public.” (Actual quote from P.T. Barnum.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Church-blessed Rourke sports gold gloves, KOs 29-yo boxer in Russia”, Russia Today, November 29, 2014.
[2] “Reckless Congress ‘Declares War’ on Russia”, by Ron Paul. Prison, December 5, 2014.


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