Isaiah and the Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Snags Hummingbird

Was it Philip K. Dick who had compared the camouflaged praying mantis to the idea of other creatures also camouflaged and living in our midst? In yesterday’s blog entry this had only been guessed at. (Background: The Superman Is Amongst Us, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 7, 2014.)

It turns out that P.K. Dick had gone into the general subject. In one of the science fiction author’s books, V.A.L.I.S., it is first explained how the entire universe is “one thing, alive, with one mind.” Into this vast but still irrational universe had entered a high-order life form, called many things, among them the Superman/Superwoman. This “high-order life form” camouflages itself by a sophisticated mimicry. In this way it remains undetected by us for as long as it wishes to.

The Superman is slowly “devouring” this universe. It is a “transubstantiation”, theorized P.K. Dick, akin to wine and bread becoming the blood and body of Christ. “The entire universe, possibly, is in the invisible process of turning into the Lord.” [1]

P.K. Dick did not call it the Superman. His word for the camouflaged high-order life form was Zebra. “The black iron prison is the corpus of the great it as it was; our world is the process metamorphosis, interim, of an insect-like camouflaged, mimicking organism. It was this whose ‘still small voice’ spoke to Elijah.” Reality is not as it appears. “There are ‘androids’ or ‘the mantis’ among us which appear human but only simulate humans.” [2]

As of 1977 at least there were “4 worlds”: (1) The black iron prison (Rome/USSR/Fascist USA); (2) The normal world; (3) The Garden world; and (4) the experience of the normal world at those times when “the Zebra” or the camouflaged mantis chooses to reveal itself. [2]

The “normal world” is woven by Zebra. It is Zebra’s 3-dimensional web within which Zebra/Mantis is concealed. [2]

The slowly unfolding appearance of the Superman is akin to an insect metamorphosis. The old “worm” corpus of Zebra is being re-woven into a final “butterfly” state. [2]

P.K. Dick exclaims, “And to think I got the concept of Zebra from a book about insect mimicry!” Zebra displays two insect qualities: camouflage mimicry and morphological metamorphosis. [2] (I.e., disguise of the Supermen/Superwomen, and metamorphosis slowly unfolding via, e.g., “indigo children”.)

Zebra explains what Christianity cannot: Why is there suffering? The suffering is all part of the metamorphosis process. The suffering is the “luminous moth” (the Superman) descending. [2]

The “insect metamorphosis” of Zebra is what is meant by “Behold! I am building a new heaven and a new earth.” (Isaiah 65: 17)

These were among the final words to us of the prophet Philip K. Dick, as contained in his last known book, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick. It is based upon the thousands of pages of typed and handwritten notes, journal entries, letters, and story sketches, which P.K. Dick has bequeathed to humanity to help sustain us as we painfully mutate from caterpillar into butterfly.

——- Sources ——-
[1] Valis, by Philip K. Dick. Kindle e-book edition.
[2] The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, by Philip K. Dick. “Folder 34”, June-July 1977


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