Bishop Pike Murdered?

Bishop Pike Interview Clip

The tachyon, a hypothetical faster-than-light particle, carried information from the future to popular science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Because these tachyons travel faster than light, they move in a reversed time direction. So-called “time” itself is a force which can weaken and even disappear. (Background: Tachyon Transmittal From the Future, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 9, 2014.)

P.K. Dick called the camouflaged high-order life form with whom he made spectacular contact in 1974 “Zebra.” [1] He also called it Ubik, the name also of one of his most acclaimed novels, chosen by Time magazine as one of the 100 greatest novels since 1923. [2] Ubik was first published in 1969, before P.K. Dick’s momentous direct encounter with Zebra/Ubik in 1974. But Ubik seems to have been transmitting to P.K. Dick before he became consciously aware of it in 1974. In the posthumously-published, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, the author theorizes that his book Ubik could be called “Philip K. Dick, by Ubik”, rather than “Ubik, by Philip K. Dick.”

The tachyon transmittals had been sending subliminal future information which helped P.K. Dick with his stories, elements of which began to come true later, the author noticed. But once conscious contact with Zebra/Ubik had been established in 1974, the nature of the communiqués started to include present-day revelations, such as that Bishop Jim Pike, a friend of P.K. Dick’s, had been murdered. [3]

James Pike had been born in Oklahoma in 1913 and raised Catholic. His spiritual journey went from there to agnosticism. Pike earned a doctorate from Yale Law School and served with Naval Intelligence during World War II. After the war, Pike became an Episcopalian priest in 1946 and bishop of California in 1958. In September 1969, Pike and his third wife Diane drove into the Judean Desert, searching for proof of the historical Jesus. Their car became stuck and his wife walked through a wadi (a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry) to get help. Rescuers returned to the stuck car but found that Pike had wandered off. Later his body was recovered. [4]

James Pike was an inspiration for the character of Timothy Archer in Philip K. Dick’s book, The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. [4] In 1974, the author had learned to his shock via Zebra/Ubik that his friend Bishop Pike had been murdered. Originally titled Bishop Timothy Archer, The Transmigration of Timothy Archer was published in 1982. The story describes the efforts of Episcopal Bishop Timothy Archer, who must cope with the theological and philosophical implications of the newly discovered Gnostic Zadokite scroll fragments. [5]

Between November 1971 and March 1972 three strange burglaries had happened at the home of P.K. Dick. What was strange about them was that documents only were stolen. Zebra/Ubik revealed to PKD that what the burglars had been seeking were any papers belonging to Bishop Pike which his friend the science fiction author may have been holding. [3] In other words, the burglaries may have been “black bag jobs”, akin to the September 1971 burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. [6]

Circa 1974, after Zebra/Ubik had informed P.K. Dick about the alleged murder of Bishop Pike, the author conversed with a lawyer about the puzzle of the strange burglaries. Even the police had been baffled. What might the lawyer think? The lawyer, after careful consideration, surmised that yes, the burglars must have been seeking any Bishop Pike papers. In the foreword of PKD’s 1969 novel, A Maze of Death, he had mentioned possessing material which Jim Pike had given to him before his death. [3]

After Cain slew Abel, God set a “mark” upon him to protect Cain. This “mark” gave Cain great power. The “mark” was in other words an insignia, seal or badge of authority, subsequently passed on to Cain’s descendants. According to author F. Tupper Saussy, Cain’s mark is the foundation of the world’s legal system. [7]

The Roman empire inherited Cain’s power. [7] The American empire has hints of Rome, for example the Fasces, a bound bundle of wooden rods, representations of which are found on the official seal of the U.S. Senate, in the White House Oval Office, and on the Mace of the United States House of Representatives, as well as elsewhere. [8]

In light of the above, a revelation given to author Philip K. Dick, that The Empire Never Ended and most of the last 2000 years of history never happened, is significant. We have been brainwashed by the Roman Empire to think we are living in what is actually a totally false world. This false reality has also been called “The Matrix.”

Bishop Pike had been pursuing leads on Gnostic Zadokite scroll fragments. P.K. Dick had been fascinated by the Gnostic idea that this earth is ruled by an evil god. F. Tupper Saussy explains how “…the Higher God avoided human matter, and so lordship over the material world belonged to Satanael, the evil brother of Jesus.” [7] It is this evil god which controls The Matrix. Bishop Pike may have been getting too close to unmasking the true situation, and therefore was murdered.

Back in 1974, long before the first of the “Matrix” movies, Philip K. Dick had already connected the experience of déjà vu with a glitch in The Matrix. [3] And there may have been a glitch in The Matrix revealed by the 1969 movie, The Wild Bunch. In 1969, the same year as Bishop Pike mysteriously died, actor William Holden portrayed a character who also dies, this time not in the Judean Desert but in a  semi-desert in Mexico. The character’s name… Pike Bishop!

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