Zagreus and the Fish Sign

Philip.K. Dick – “Arena” 1/6

Zeus had sex with Persephone. To them was born Zagreus. Hera, the wife of Zeus, was jealous, especially when she learned that Zeus planned to make Zagreus his heir. [1] This is like the story of Ishmael in Genesis 16, where Abram (Zeus) “went in unto Hagar” and Ishmael, “a wild man”, was conceived. Sarai (Hera), wife of Abram (Zeus), “dealt hardly with” Hagar. The pregnant Hagar fled into the wilderness.

A jealous Hera persuaded the Titans to kill Zagreus. [1] Philip K. Dick (1928 – 1982) connected this with King Herod’s attempt to kill the infant Jesus. In this version, Zeus had sent Zagreus to Earth to hide him from Hera. “Just blend in,” was the advice of Zeus to Zagreus. However “Herod” (King of the Titans) sniffed out that the infant Jesus (Zagreus) was out there somewhere, trying to just blend in with the surroundings. [2] We all know what happened next.

This unusual take on Zagreus/Jesus had appeared to Philip K. Dick in a dream, where the popular science fiction author had first seen the name “Jesus” and then saw it permutate into Zagreus, and then within the name Zagreus the name Zeus was found. P.K. Dick’s dream seemed to say that the name “Jesus” was really a code word. [2]

We don’t know for certain if P.K. Dick had become unhinged in 1974 or if he had had a valid mystical experience. The one does not necessarily negate the other, since “crazy” people have also been thought to be inspired. When Zebra/Ubik had revealed to P.K. Dick that his friend Bishop Pike had been murdered in 1969, was this just disinformation from the Prince of Lies, or was it the secret truth revealed? Tracking down what definitely had happened to Bishop Pike might either prove or disprove the validity of Zebra/Ubik. (Background: Bishop Pike Murdered?, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 14, 2014.)

Was St. Teresa of Avila “crazy” when she thought of the soul as resembling a castle and bemoaned some sad persons accustomed to be with the reptiles and other creatures which live outside the castle? [3] In her time (1515 – 1582) and with her Catholic background, Teresa used conceptions then prevalent in an attempt to describe what she had seen. For Philip K. Dick, having a science fiction background, the immediately available terminology was often provided by science. Both St. Teresa and Philip K. Dick had experienced something which was a challenge to accurately describe.

P.K. Dick brought in a theory of “orthogonal time” as a means to possibly explain how it was that the Roman empire had never ended. Orthogonal time was defined as “real” time, at right angles to our spurious linear time. [4] The orthogonal time was like a revolving drum in which the same basic things periodically came back around. These basic things were equated by PKD with Plato’s idea of the Archetypes. In his novel, Ubik, a regression along the orthogonal time-axis had been portrayed. [2]

“The empire never ended” might mean, in other words, that the Roman empire archetype sits on the revolving drum of orthogonal time as an eternal Archetype. But quietly at work within the Urbs-Roma was a secret seed-within-seed, the Fish Christians.

A dark-haired stranger girl bearing prescription medicine came to the front door of P.K. Dick’s home in late February 1974. Around her neck she wore a gold fish sign. “What is that you are wearing?” he asked. The girl, whom PKD had been expecting for most of his life, touched the necklace and replied, “It’s a sign that the early Christians used. My husband gave it to me.” That fish sign worn by the dark-haired stranger girl whom PKD had been expecting for most of his life helped trigger Anamnesis in the science fiction author and the scales fell away from his eyes.

The empire never ended. George Washington had envisioned a wooded area alongside the Potomac River as the new federal city. The highest hill in the area, Jenkins Heights, was then owned by Daniel Carroll. In 1663, the owner of this land had been Francis Pope. Pope’s name for the high hill was “Rome”, and he called the nearby waterway “the Tiber.” [5] The Capitol Building is from the Latin Capitolium, a temple of Jupiter at Rome on the Capitoline hill. [6] Both sides of the Great Seal of the United States appear on the back of the one-dollar Federal Reserve note. At the bottom of the pyramid, the Seal bears the motto “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” This motto is adapted from a line in the Roman poet Virgil’s “Bucolics”: “…magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo” (the great series of ages begins anew). [5] Virgil’s line, in turn, was inspired by the secret Sibyline books, said to contain details of the destiny of the Roman empire. [7]

The great series of ages begins anew. The rotating drum of orthogonal time had returned again to the archetype of the Roman empire. In a flash, Philip K. Dick saw it all, triggered in part by the fish sign worn by the dark-haired stranger girl whom he had been expecting for most of his life.

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