Star Trek at the O.K. Corral

Star Trek – Shootout at the OK Corral

Author Ann Kirschner calls it “Planet Earp.” She finds a parallel story buried beneath the pedestrian understanding of 1881 Tombstone and the confrontation at the O.K. Corral. [1] And so too did Captain James T. Kirk of the starship USS Enterprise lead his crew into a parallel universe where Planet Earp seemed to confront them.

In “Spectre of the Gun”, after having been found trespassing into Melkotian space, Captain Kirk and his companions are sent to die in a re-enactment of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral! [2]

Captain Kirk, along with Mr. Spock, Chief Engineer “Scotty”, Chief Medical Officer “Bones” McCoy, and Navigator Ensign Pavel Chekov, become the alleged “bad guys”: Kirk as Ike Clanton, Scotty as Billy Clanton, Bones as Tom McLaury, Mr. Spock as Frank McLaury, and Chekov as Billy Claiborne. [2] But in this Star Trek episode, the “good guys” – the Earp brothers along with “Doc” Holliday – are portrayed as stone-cold killers! Captain Kirk, for instance, refers to Morgan Earp as “the man who kills on sight.”

In yesterday’s blog entry, it was noticed how Wyatt Earp had taken away Sheriff Johnny Behan’s mistress, the “loose woman” Sadie Marcus, and that this may have been part of a root cause of the Tombstone conflict. And now we find that Kirschner, author of Lady At The O.K. Corral, interprets the O.K. Corral incident as, at least in part, the consequence of a love triangle starring Sadie Marcus, Johnny Behan and Wyatt Earp. [1] (Further background: “Hands Up” at the O.K. Corral, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 22, 2014.)

Our Russian friend Ensign Pavel Chekov finds he is now Billy Claiborne, one of the cowboys. Chekov discovers he is in a love triangle involving one of the town’s dance gals and Morgan Earp, “the man who kills on sight.” Says the dance gal to Chekov: “Morgan will kill you because he wants me.”

As for Captain Kirk, he tries to persuade townspeople he is not Ike Clanton, but to no avail. Kirk, for example, tries to tell an elderly bartender that he, Kirk, is in fact a spaceship man from the future. To this the bartender responds with a hearty laugh and says, “You Clantons are great with the jokes. That’s why we like you.”

The Earps, on the other hand, never joke. After trying his spaceship man explanation on the Earps, they remain grim-faced and reply, “Yes, we’ve heard about this story you’ve been telling.” Almost shot dead right then and there, after this preliminary encounter Kirk decides, “There’s no communicating with those Earps. We know that.”

The showdown at the O.K. Corral is to take place at 5 pm. Unless Kirk and his crew leave Tombstone by then, they will all die. Says one of the Earps to Kirk, “If you’re in town at 5:01, we’ll kill every one of you whether you draw or not. Is that clear?” But a force field prevents Kirk and his crew from leaving Tombstone. So at last Kirk decides they will all just stay in a saloon and avoid going to the O.K. Corral no matter what.

Despite this decision, at 5 pm Kirk and his crew (except for Chekov who has already been killed by Morgan Earp) are instantaneously transported to the place of destiny, the O.K. Corral. Verily, it seems written in the stars that Kirk and his remaining crew must die at the hands of stone-cold killers Wyatt Earp, “Doc” Holliday, and Virgil and Morgan Earp!

The Earps and “Doc” Holliday are portrayed as deadly unfeeling terminators in this Star Trek episode, unlike the usual Tombstone depiction where it is Ike Clanton and the cowboys who are caricatures of negativity. Ann Kirschner’s book on a parallel truth beneath the O.K. Corral incident reportedly includes “controversies, tedious double-dealings and conspiracy theories concocted by professional and amateur Earp nuts, then and now.” [1] Is it a “conspiracy theory” though to look for a deeper truth behind the Hollywood fable of O.K. Corral? What role did female energies play in the incident? And is it “tedious double-dealing” to imagine that, as is usually the case, both sides in the conflict were less than perfect?

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Mrs. Earp: ‘Lady at the O.K. Corral,’ by Ann Kirschner”, by Sara Wheeler. New York Times Online, Sunday Book Review, May 31, 2013.
[2] “Spectre of the Gun”, Wikipedia, December 22, 2014.


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