Resurrections for Roubles

Pet Sematary – Trailer

“Sometimes dead is better.” Where had I heard that before? It was in that Stephen King story, Pet Sematary. In the old Micmac burial grounds they were resurrecting dead animals. Jud Crandall tells Louis Creed about how one time Timmy Baterman, killed on his way home from the Second World War, was buried by his grief-struck father at the Micmac site.

Jud Crandall: He buried his son up there before he had the chance to get to the bottom of the truth.

Louis Creed: I’ll bite, Jud. What’s the bottom of the truth?

Jud Crandall: Well, that sometimes dead is better.

Now Wyatt Earp had been brought back by the Resurrection Project and he was after me! Earp had taken offense at some of my blog entries about him. I had stalled Earp by postponing things. We were to meet at high noon at the O.K. Corral. My only hope was Sheriff Johnny Behan, also resurrected. (Background: Return Of Earp, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, January 2, 2015.)

I telephoned the number given me by the Resurrection Project. A voice answered, “You have reached the residence of famous Sheriff Johnny Behan. If that’s you, Curly Bill, the cattle are stashed at Old Man Clanton’s ranch. And if that’s you, Wyatt, I’ve got Sadie and I’m keeping her this time. You were too slow on the draw, pardner. Anyone else wishing to speak with the famous Sheriff Johnny Behan will have to reach me through my agent. (Click).”

This was dreadful! I didn’t have time to deal with Behan’s publicity agent. Earp was waiting for me at high noon! Only Behan could help keep me safe from Earp’s wrath, and Behan was too busy being a famous sheriff from history to be bothered doing his job.

“Oh where did this all start?” I groaned. Back in September 2004, after the Beslan school hostage crisis in Russia, a Kazakh-born sect leader named Grigory Grabovoi had offered to resurrect, for $1,500 a corpse, the children killed in the Beslan siege. A number of grieving parents paid Grabovoi, also known as the Second Coming, to raise their children from the dead. The Russian government tried to hush this up by jailing Grigory “Second Coming” Grabovoi on fraud charges. Later, after the heat had faded, Grabovi was released after serving just four years. [1]

Marc Bennetts, a British journalist living in Moscow, had written about the Grabovoi resurrection caper in the Moscow Times, in an excerpt from his anticipated book, Resurrections for Roubles. Funny thing about this book is that a Google search on “Resurrections for Roubles” returns an Amazon listing, but when you follow the link you get a “404 – Document Not Found.” The Russians were hiding something, it became obvious to me. First the hush-up about the Grabovoi resurrection caper and now, as of January 4, 2015, the mysterious disappearance from Amazon of Marc Bennetts’ book, Resurrections for Roubles.

It was known how these Russians had been tinkering with human resurrection for decades, beginning with the ideas of Nikolai Fyodorovich Fyodorov, the founding father of Russian Cosmism. In contrast with the passively yielding stance of the West towards Nature, the Russian Cosmists sought to use Nature for the betterment of humankind. “Surrender to, bow down, and worship Nature,” said the West. In contrast to this, the Russian Cosmists sought “to turn the given world of natural disorder into the rationally ordered world that God initiated but intended humanity to complete.” Active evolution was the key, not passive surrender to Nature as deity. [2]

These Russians had been reading such authors as Hermes Trismegistus, as well as secret instructions given to Alexander the Great by Aristotle, contained in the book, Secretum Secretorum (Secret of Secrets). When Hermes wrote, “Why have you surrendered yourselves to death, earthborn men, since you have the right to share in immortality?”, Nikolai Fyodorovich may have taken this literally. Nature decreed eventual death to all, but the Russian Cosmists refused to surrender, even to Nature! [2] [3]

“Just like those Russians,” I muttered to myself. “They do not ever surrender. They are like a Timex watch which takes a licking but keeps on ticking.”

So now here I was, with Wyatt Earp waiting for me at the O.K. Corral and my only hope, Sheriff Johnny Behan, too infatuated by his fame to answer the telephone. The situation seemed hopeless.

But then I recalled from Behan’s recorded message that he had got Sadie and was “keeping her this time.” Who was this “Sadie”? Could it be Josephine “Sadie” Marcus, once involved in a love triangle with Earp and Behan? This Sadie might be the key to get me out of this mess!

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Grappling With Russians’ Paranormal Obsessions”. Moscow Times –  Marc Bennetts – November 17, 2014.
[2] The Russian Cosmists: The Esoteric Futurism of Nikolai Fedorov and His Followers, by George M. Young. Kindle e-book edition.
[3] Poimandres I: 28. From Hermetica, edited by Brian P. Copenhaver. Cambridge University Press, 1992


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