Scapegoat Purification Means War

Newt Gingrich: Hillary “She’s A Bitch”

In 1995, CBS News anchor Connie Chung was chosen as scapegoat for a common newsfaker purification ritual which always precedes war. Chung “carried away the collective sins” of the newsfakers when she was driven out into the wilderness.

January 5, 1995: Connie Chung interviews Kathleen Gingrich, mother of Newt Gingrich. “What does your son think about Hillary Clinton?” asked Chung. But Kathleen Gingrich demurred: She didn’t want to say publicly. “Just whisper it to me,” urged Chung. “Just between you and me, what does Newt think about Hillary?” To this Kathleen Gingrich, thinking she was speaking off-the-record, replied shyly, “Newt thinks Hillary is a bitch.”

The collective newsfakers were shocked – Shocked! – when Connie Chung’s eliciting of Kathleen Gingrich’s private response was publicly aired. “Off the record means off the record,” indignantly howled the newsfakers. And so Connie Chung was sent off into the wilderness, carrying the collective sins of the newsfakers on her back. Consequently the collective newsfakers had been symbolically cleansed and could proceed with warmongering propaganda.

August 30 – September 20, 1995: Operation Deliberate Force conducts massive bombing against Bosnian Serbs. The bombing campaign was also roughly conterminous in time with Operation Mistral 2, two linked military offensives of the Croatian Army, Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Croatian Defence Council launched in western Bosnia. [1]

So we have phase 1, where Connie Chung is scapegoated and carries away the collective sins of the newsfakers on her back, thereby symbolically purifying them. The newsfakers, now cleansed, then pound out one-sided relentless anti-Serb propaganda. Then comes phase 2, culmination of the propaganda, with Operation Deliberate Force.

Weight of Chains trailer

In 2010, a Canadian documentary film, The Weight of Chains, was released. The film argues that the breakup of Yugoslavia was “orchestrated by Western powers in furtherance of imperial ambitions.” [2] Part of their ambitions was a new role for NATO, which conducted its first military interventions in Bosnia from 1992 to 1995 and later Yugoslavia in 1999. [3] From this new NATO which emerged during the Connie Chung scapegoat times has come U.S. General Philip Breedlove, NATO commander in chief, who now says a “military operation” is possible in Ukraine. [4]

As of last week, the phase 1 scapegoating scenario has re-appeared. NBC anchor Brian Williams may soon be scapegoated by the collective newsfakers due to the same “shock” which accompanied the Connie Chung incident. Brian Williams has conveniently been caught red-handed telling lies, which would enable the phase 1 scapegoating operation to proceed. After Williams has been driven into the wilderness carrying with him the sins of all newsfakers, they can insinuate the public into infering, “See? The newsfakers do not tolerate liars. Hence they themselves must not be liars because they do not tolerate liars in their midst. So maybe we can trust them.”

Following a subsequent barrage of propaganda, facilitated by the Brian Williams scapegoating, phase 2, overt military operations in Ukraine, can begin.

But who cares about Ukraine? Does it really matter to you if Vladimir Putin and Russia annex the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk? Heck, I say let the Russians grab the whole eastern half of Ukraine right up to the Dnieper River! The Russians are not Communists since 1991, so if they even want half of Ukraine (which I doubt) they are welcome to it. This is the Coriolanus Prediction, proposed back on May 13, 2014 in Ersjdamoo’s Blog.

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